Yahoo Launches Daily Fantasy Sports


“You didn’t seriously expect Yahoo Sports to ignore the daily fantasy boom, did you?” That’s the word from Yahoo today upon today’s announcement that they had launched a new daily fantasy sports product called Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy. Yahoo had originally signaled their intentions during a 1st quarter conference call earlier this year.

Contests are already running and players are able to join contests today.

Details of the new Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports

A new iPhone update to the popular Yahoo Fantasy app is being updated with the new daily fantasy sports contests. Players will be able to use their existing accounts to play the new Yahoo DFS games and will be able to make deposits with Paypal or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).

Because of the slow time of year for sports, only MLB contests are currently offered. Yahoo plans to offer NFL, NBA and NHL once their seasons begin. Players may join guaranteed prize pool events, 50/50, Head to Head and “Group” contests (more than 2 players).

To celebrate the launch of Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy, they are offering a MLB $6,500 freeroll that is capped at 5,000 entrants. Be sure to get your lineup in by 7:05 PM ET tomorrow to participate.

Players will want to keep an eye on their guaranteed contests — of which there are currently many — including a $2 buy-in $50,000 guaranteed MLB contest tomorrow at 7:05 PM ET. Yahoo will undoubtedly be putting up lucrative prize pools for some guaranteed events to compete with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings and to attract players to Yahoo DFS as quickly as possible. There could be overlays on some of these early events until the information gap has been filled.

What Does the Launch of Yahoo DFS product mean?

Yahoo has long been a leader in traditional fantasy sports, offering season-long games for over 15 years. As they indicated in their statement, they didn’t invent fantasy sports on the internet but they helped popularize and many would say — “get it right.” Despite their success, ESPN reportedly passed them in 2013, but the site still boasts over 6 million users of the fantasy sports product.

With Yahoo’s entry into the DFS market, the industry has its best chance to convert that sizable number of traditional users to daily fantasy sports. Many have dabbled into daily fantasy sports but many still remain on the sidelines. Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports might be able to give us a better expectation of daily fantasy sports growth in the months and years to come.

Stay tuned to Daily Fantasy Sports Codes with more information on this important development in the daily fantasy sports world.