What Do We Know About FanDuel Mixup?

FanDuel Mixup contests

Before the start of the MLB season, FanDuel announced a series of changes, which included updates to the MLB scoring system and the introduction of FanDuel late swap and feature changes. One of those new features was FanDuel Mixup, which is to be released in late spring for MLB contests. It will then be expanded into other sports.

Because FanDuel Mixup hasn’t been released yet, not much is known about yet, beyond what was announced.

FanDuel describes Mixup as a innovation on FanDuel’s traditional game format. The new DFS “twist” will combine standard daily fantasy contests with rotating themes and game types.

FanDuel has been looking at the new games for at least a couple months, as one FanDuel user posted about a survey they received from FanDuel that included potential names:

Speculating about FanDuel Mixup Contests

Beyond FanDuel’s somewhat vague description of FanDuel Mixup contests, we don’t have many specifics. It does sound like the contests will be unlike anything that is currently available, rather than a existing concept that has been re-marketed. But how much the new contests will truly innovate remains to be seen.

Will the new contests combine games or slate types or just rotate them? Will tweaks be done on scoring or simply the rules? Maybe the contests could eventually even combine sports. Perhaps the challenges will act as mini Friends-Mode contests, with leaderboards from multiple contests over a set period of time. Since DFS contests by nature have been limited to daily for most sports, the possibilities could be interesting.

Whatever FanDuel Mixup ends up being, we will be sure to keep Dailyfantasysports.codes readers up to date with the latest information on this intriguing idea.