Week One Daily Fantasy Football Overlay Report


After nearly nine months without regular season fantasy football, fans across the world welcomed Week 1 into their living rooms and in neighborhood watering holes. In the build up to Week 1, daily fantasy sports were aggressively vying for players attention through advertisements and large guarantees, many of which looked like they were going to go into overlay territory.

And many of them did. Thanks to the fine folks at SuperLobby we were able to monitor the largest overlays — for rooms that they cover — during Week 1’s exciting week. The takeway was that there are dozens of guaranteed tournaments at many sites not hitting their overlay — yielding over $2.5 million in overlays in Week 1.

While we don’t expect to see quite the buzz from guaranteed tournaments in Week 1, be sure to keep an eye on the guarantees for similar events during Week 2 for potential opportunities.

SuperLobby monitors traffic from DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Feud, Fantasy Aces, StarsDraft, Yahoo and DraftorPass.

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Wait…What’s An Overlay?

For those who don’t know, an overlay is essentially extra money awarded by a DFS site. It helps lower the cost of playing and makes “average” lineups more profitable in the long run.

A simple example of an overlay: 87 players enter a $10 buy-in tournament with a $1000 guarantee. The $870 prize pool (87*10) means that $130 is essentially being paid by the daily fantasy site. Another way to look at it — there are less players (87) playing for a prize pool where 100 normally would be.

When comparing two tournaments with the same buy-in — everything being equal except the overlay — you should enter the one with an overlay.

Daily Fantasy Football Overlays at the Largest Contests

The headline-grabbing contests were a mixed bag. While DraftKings $10 Million guaranteed Millionaire Maker did not have an overlay, FanDuel’s $5 Million Sunday Million had nearly a 15% overlay and other million dollar contests from FanDuel also yielded large overlays.

DraftKing’s largest overlay was from the $1 million Blitz contest, while Yahoo’s $1 Million Kickoff had the largest overlay. Here were the top overlays, in dollar terms, from DFS sites that guaranteed $1 million or more.

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DraftKings $10 Million Millionaire Maker – No Overlay
FanDuel $5 Million Sunday Million — $759,950 (15%)
DrafKings $1 Million Blitz — $80,800 (8%)
DraftKings Massive $25 Double Up — No Overlay
DraftKings Play Action — No Overlay
Yahoo $1 Million Kickoff — $227,280 (23%)
FanDuel $1 Million NFL Monster — $112,900 (11%)
FanDuel $1 Million NFL Rush #2 — $229,885 (23%)500

Below is a list of the largest overlays, organized by dollar amount, from guaranteed tournaments with less than a $1 million guarantee.

FanDuel $750k Kickoff — $113,636 (15%)

Yahoo $250k Guaranteed ($25k to 1st) — $65,700 (26%)
StarsDraft $100,000 First Down — $48,270 (48%)
DraftKings $500k Hail Mary — $46,808 (10%)
FanDuel NFL $100k Snap #3 — $37,874 (38%)
DraftKings $250k Hot Route — $35,800 (14%)
DraftKings $100k Button Hook — $32,932 (33%)
Yahoo $100k Guaranteed ($10k to 1st) — $31,705 (32%)
DraftKings $400k Slant — $31,522 (8%)

Largest Overlays By Percentage

This is a list of the top overlay percentages in guaranteed contests with a size of 50 or more when overlays were at least $100. The percentages listed is the portion of the prize pool that is added to the prize pool.

DraftorPass Sure Thing ($2 entry) — $1432 overlay (72%)
FantasyAces Salary Pro Sluggo $10,000 Gtd ($5.50 entry) — $5286 overlay (53%)
FantasyAces $0.50 Micro Tournament ($0.50 entry) — $217 overlay (48%)
StarsDraft $100,000 First Down ($10 entry) — $48,270 overlay (48%)
FantasyFeud $1k GTD (Late) ($2.20 entry) — $463 overlay (46%)
FanDuel SNFC Qualifier ($10 entry) — $4020 overlay (45%)
FantasyAces Hot Route $6,800 Gtd ($2.75 entry) — $2962 overlay (43%)
FantasyFeud $55 NFL Feud of Champions Qualifier ($55 entry) — $16,900 (42%)
StarsDraft $5,000 2pt Conversion ($2 entry) — $2110 overlay (42%)
FantasyAces Hail Mary $50,000 GTD ($22 entry) — $19,860 (40%)
FanDuel Fantasy Alarm Football Championship ($5 entry) — $2720 (39%)

Total Overlays by Provider from Major Contests

To see what sites have been more aggressive with their prize pools (or possibly over estimated participation) we can look at the total overlays awarded from guaranteed contests.

FanDuel — 77 contests, yielding $1,404,141 in overlays

DraftKings — 38 contests, yielding $556,512 in overlays
Yahoo — 14 contests, yielding $347,857 in overlays
StarsDraft — 36 contests, yielding $68,319 in overlays
Fantasy Aces — 66 contests, yielding $60,471 in overlays
Fantasy Feud — 77 contests, yielding $57,090 in overlays
Draftor Pass – 6 contests, yielding $3,682 in overlays

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