DraftKings Super Bowl DFS Contests are Live

2018 Super Bowl DFS

Two weeks after offering single game daily fantasy football for the first time, DraftKings has revealed that the site will offer Super Bowl daily fantasy football contests on February 4th when the New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis. Players were able to join contests beginning on Monday.

Due to the fact that the Super Bowl is only played between two teams, DFS has never been thought of as a viable daily fantasy sport. However, given some creative rule changes and easing of concerns of legality, DraftKings began to roll out single game contests earlier this month.

Not only are the Super Bowl contests unique as a single game contest but also distinctive given the Super Bowl’s popularity as a game and a betting opportunity. Super Bowl daily fantasy sports contests further blurs the line between fantasy sports and more controversial sports betting. It will be interesting to keep an eye on how the Super Bowl contests do an alternative way to engage players during the biggest day in U.S. sports.

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Super Bowl Sunday Highlighted by Big Game Millionaire

The 2018 Super Bowl will kick off on February 4th at 6:30 PM ET, which will is when contests lock. DraftKings is highlighting its “The Big Game” contests with the $2.4 Big Game Millionaire, a continuation of the popular Millionaire Maker offered by DraftKings over the last few years.

Players can buy-in to the event with a $20 entry fee.

Rules of DraftKings Super Bowl Contests

Since the DraftKings Super Bowl contests involve only two teams, a simplified version of DraftKings standard NFL contests are offered. The most notable changes from the DraftKings NFL contests you are familiar with include:

  • Rosters are different – The biggest change in these contests is that instead of a full traditional offensive roster, Super Bowl contests simply consist of four offensive spots and two defensive positions.
  • Defensive stats – Due to the addition of defensive positions (compared to team defenses in the regular season), a group of new stat categories are introduced. They are the same stats that were used for DraftKings NFL playoff contests.

Despite some big changes to these contests, they will still have some familiar attributes.

1) Salary caps – DraftKings users will still draft their rosters by staying under a salary cap of $50,000. Note, however, that since you have fewer positions to fill, salaries will be higher than you are used to.

2) Offensive stats – Offensive stat categories are the same that are used for DraftKings NFL contests.

About the DraftKings SuperBowl Contests

February 4th’s contests aren’t just about the “Big Game Millionaire.” There is also a large selection of additional guaranteed as well as other types of contests that are available.

Players looking for guaranteed contests can also participate in the $1 million guaranteed “Play-Action” with a buy-in for just $3. Other higher guaranteed options include the $75k $12 buy-in Fair Catch as well as the $25k $5 buy-in Nickle. A couple dozen additional guaranteed contests feature prize pools over $10,000.

Casual, head to head, 50/50s, double ups, multipliers are also available. Satellite and Qualifier contests award Step tickets, which can be used to enter any contests on DraftKings.

You can find DraftKings Super Bowl contests under the “NFL” tab under the lobby. Virtually all of the available contests under the tab are for the upcoming Super Bowl.

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