Recent FantasyUp Paypal Deposits Could Be Refunded


FantasyUp players are understandably upset with the news last week that FantasyUp had abruptly closed shop and would not be paying players, there may be hope for those that made recent deposits to the site.

Seth Yates, a Rotogrinders administrator, suggests there still may be some hope for recent depositors to the daily fantasy sports site.

The hope lies in buyer protection at Paypal that covers transactions that you paid for but haven’t received and where the seller is not being cooperative. Paypal has a good reputation for being very friendly to buyers using its services.

Buyer protection is available up to 180 days after the transaction. So if you made a deposit within the last 180 days, it may be worth contacting Paypal with a dispute.

If you deposited through credit card, you may have less of a chance to recoup your funds. However, it is still worth contacting your credit card company via the number on the back of your card and see if there is anything you can do with your missing deposit.

How to File a Dispute With Paypal

If you feel that your FantasyUp Paypal deposit may qualify for buyer protection service (deposit made within the last 180 days) you have nothing to lose by submitting a claim to Paypal.

Once you are logged on to Paypal, click the “Dispute a Transaction” button in the “Resolution Center” to start a dispute. You can find the Resolution Center by clicking “contact” at the bottom of the Paypal page once you are signed in.


At the bottom of the contact page you will find the link to “Resolution Center.”


Click “Dispute a Transaction.” You will then be given a list of transactions. Select the transaction and continue. You will then need to describe the reason you are opening the dispute. The buyer will also be contacted.

report a problem

Will Filing a Dispute Work?

Filing a dispute through Paypal could potentially work. Paypal has offered buyer protection on these types of purchases before, according to Yates.

FantasyUp players should note that a claim would only potentially be successful for funds that you deposited. Any winnings or bonus earnings would not be eligible for your claim.

Again, this may not in a positive result for you but there is absolutely no harm in trying to reclaim some of your missing funds at FantasyUp.