NHL 3-Man Challenges Available At FanDuel

FanDuel 3 man Challenges

FanDuel is consistently offering new games to keep DFS users interested throughout the entire year. During the post-season of major sports, slates get a bit thinner. This leads to daily fantasy sports sites looking for creative ways to keep the games fun and competitive.

For the NHL Playoffs, FanDuel is introducing a brand new game type called “3 Man Challenges.” The smaller-roster contests allow DFS users to compete against other FanDuel users to put their skills to the test. Like many of FanDuel’s playoff-focused contests, they have simplified structures, which make them appealing to both the recreational and seasoned player.

The Basics Of FanDuel NHL 3-Man Challenges

As the name would suggest, FanDuel’s NHL 3-Man Challenges feature lineups consisting of just three spots. But that is not where the differences end.

Despite the fact that you only need to fill three positions in your lineup, you need to choose carefully. That’s because depending on where you place your players, you will earn more points.

Lineups for FanDuel NHL-3 Man Challenges consist of an MVP position, an All-Star and a Utility. While the Utility position will earn points at the normal rate, an MVP will earn points at 2x the normal rate and All-Star at 1.5 the normal rate. Obviously, you will want to place your best players MVP and All-Star positions for maximum value.

FanDuel also keeps the games unique in that points are earned in just three categories: goals, assists and penalty minutes.

NHL 3-Man Challenge Scoring
MVP (2x)All-Star (1.5x)Utility (1x)
Penalty Minutes21.51

Another major difference in these contests is that the salary structure is overhauled. Instead of setting a lineup with $50,000, you will be given $7 to create your lineup. Of course, this means that all players will be available for either $1, $2 or $3. Note that the salary amount does not correspond with the buy-in amount of the contest ($7 is the salary cap regardless of the buy-in of the contest).

Getting started in 3-Man Challenges

FanDuel 3-Man Challenges can easily be found from the FanDuel Lobby throughout the NHL playoffs, in addition to full roster and single game-contests. To get started, select “3-Man Challenge” under Game Styles.

Contests can be found for tournaments, head-to-head, 3-100 league contests as well as 50/50s.

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