New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania Make Progress on DFS

DFS New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio,

It was a good week for daily fantasy sports, and we’re not referring to the status of our lineups. Three states made progress in their efforts to clarify the legal status of DFS. Bills in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey all saw progress this week, reversing some setbacks earlier in the spring.

What Happened This Week

Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey all moved forward in their efforts to regulate daily fantasy sports. Here’s what happened this week and why it may be the best news of the year thus far for furthering the game.

Ohio: The state is currently not restricted in any of the major DFS sites but the attorney general of the state recommended clarifying laws in regards to DFS. This week the House passed legislation by a 80-15 margin. The bill will now be considered by the Senate.

Pennsylvania: Although the state is getting more attention for the online gaming language, daily fantasy sports was also included in the Senate passage of a bill by a 38-12 margin this week. The legislation also includes legalization of online lotteries, online poker and online casinos. It will now head over the House of the Representatives where controversial language on tax rates and fees will be addressed.

New Jersey:: The state already legalizes online poker and online casinos, but does not have laws that address daily fantasy sports. On Monday, the New Jersey Assembly passed DFS bill by a 56-15 margin. The next stop for the bill is the New Jersey Senate.

If one of these states were to regulate DFS this year, they would be the first state to do since Arkansas passed a bill to regulate. Legislation has failed in Alabama, Florida and Texas so far this year.