New DraftKings Rewards Program Introduced

DraftKings Rewards Program Revamped

A revamped DraftKings Rewards program — also known as DK Rewards — has been unveiled by DraftKings, and while there is some similarities to the old VIP program, the program released in mid July features some major changes and tweaks.

Like the previous program, players will receive more rewards for entering contests, completing Missions and unlocking Achievements.

DraftKings Rewards Summary

One complaint some players may have about the new program is that it seems unnecessarily complex. Here is a brief overview of the various components of DraftKings Rewards:

Breakdown of DraftKings Rewards
DraftKings CrownsEarn 1 for every $1 in entry feesEveryone
Daily RewardsLog in daily to view daily reward for qualifiersAvailable for players who earn at least 100 Crowns during the previous month
LevelsEarned based on "XP" earned at real money contests. Used for "Bragging rights"Everyone
AchievementsSeason-based per league: Earn additional Perks (such as Crowns) when completing achievement.Everyone
MissionsDaily, earn rewards by completely a mission during the day Everyone

DraftKings Crowns

Say goodbye to FPPs and hello to “Crowns.” For every $1 you spend on real money contests, you will earn 1 Crown. A player must enter a contest of at least $1 to earn a Crown

Crowns are used to determine your Daily Rewards Status level. Crowns can be exchanged for contest ticket as well as merchandise from the DK Shop. Using Crowns will not lower your Status Level. Any previously earned FPPs will now be converted to Crowns.

How much are DraftKings Crowns worth?

Players can currently use Crowns to purchase real money tickets at a rate of 550 per $1 in contests tickets, making each Crown worth about $0.0018. This essentially works out to DraftKings rakeback/rebate of 1.81%.

DraftKings Daily Rewards

DraftKings Epxerience Points

When earning at least 100 Crowns during the month — the equivalent of entering $100 in contests — you will qualify for DraftKings Daily Rewards. Earn the Crowns during the first month and then receive your daily rewards for the NEXT month. Players simply need to log-in each day to claim their rewards. Daily Rewards status can be checked by logging into your Daily Rewards page. Players will need to continue earning Crowns to maintain your status level. DraftKings Daily Rewards will be available starting in August of 2018.

Daily Rewards will consist of additional Crowns, Contest Tickets and DK Dollars and will not require any additional play. Note that this program will not be changing DraftKings Missions.

Players can complete Missions to earn rewards faster and also increase their Daily Rewards Status tiers.

DraftKings Rewards
Status LevelCrowns Needed Per Month
Bronze100 Crowns ($100 in entries)
Silver500 Crowns ($500 in entries)
Gold2,000 Crowns ($2,000 in entries)
Platinum10,000 Crowns ($10,000 in entries
Diamond25,000 Crowns ($25,000 in entries)
Black125,000 Crowns ($125,000 in entries)

The specific rewards for each status are not available, but will increase as you earn additional Crowns.

DraftKings Levels

DraftKings Daily Rewards

Not to be confused with DraftKings Daily Rewards, there is a new public status available called “DraftKings Levels.” As you play in DraftKings contests you will earn Experience Points — also known as XP. The more contests you enter AND the more you win, the higher your status level will be. According to DrafKings, your XP level is an “easy way to show off how much you have played at DraftKings.”

DraftKings Levels are mostly used for bragging rights and with it, no additional rewards. DraftKings players will receive a unique badge for every ten levels they achieve. New experience level badges are automatically awarded at 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 status levels.

How are Experience Points (XP) Earned?

The amount of XP earned will be determined by DraftKings “XP Formula,” which takes into account the size of the contest you enter, the entry fee, the finishing position in the contest and bonuses that could be applied. To earn high levels of XP, a player can do the following

  • Enter “larger” contests (with more players entering contests)
  • Enter contests with larger entry fees
  • Perform well in contest

< According to DraftKings, the largest amount of weight is put on performance in contests. XP Points are earned after a contest is complete. DraftKings will award players with retroactive XP for performances prior to the introduction of DraftKings levels.

DraftKings Achievements

DraftKings Achievments

DraftKings players can also now earn Achievements, which will enable players to unlock additional perks — such as additional Crowns — which are in earned in addition to DraftKings Rewards. Players will be able to track their progress as well as share their achievements with friends.

DraftKings Missions

DraftKings Daily Missions

DraftKings Missions remain largely unchanged from the previous VIP program. The concept is relatively simple. Each day. DraftKings will give you a personal mission, such as “Play in any $3 contest.” DraftKings will then reward you when completing that mission during the day.DraftKings Experience Points

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