How FanDuel MLB Survivor Contests Work


We’re in the dog days of summer and that means on many days daily fantasy baseball have the only DFS contests running. FanDuel is recognizing that by offering MLB Survivor again this summer with $50,000 guaranteed, a increase of $20,000 over last year’s MLB Survivor.

Survivor events reward consistency, and yes, a bit of luck. But the end reward is very lucrative for players that make it to the final round.

Here’s how to play FanDuel MLB Survivor contests.

How to Play FanDuel MLB Survivor Contests

MLB Survivor contests are divided into multiple contests. In this case, MLB Survivor is each held 2 days apart. You must be one of the top finishers to move on to the next level. Make you that you can enter all contests in the event you enter Round 1.

June 6th – Round 1, consisting of 1129 spots with the top 500 advancing to Round 2
June 8th – Round 2, the top 226 will move on the Final Round
June 10th – Final Round, all 226 players are guaranteed a prize of at least $100

Players must currently enter FanDuel MLB Survivor contests via satellites starting at $3, which will award $50 tickets to the first round. Your initial buy-in ($50 ticket) will cover you for all rounds of the event. Players can qualify for up to 30 lineups into Round 1.

If you miss the first round on June 6th, you will not be able to participate in MLB Suvivor.

FanDuel MLB Survivor Strategy

The important thing to remember about Survivor contests is that you only have to finish high enough to qualify for the next round. This means you don’t need to shoot for the highest possible lineup – just one good enough to “survive.”

So when you play in Rounds 1 and 2, which only require that you finish in the top 44% and 50%, respectively, it is best to field a good solid lineup that is more certain to reach the necessary threshold. Leave the high ceiling but higher variance players out of the first two rounds.

In the last round, despite the fact that you guaranteed a prize, you will want to change up your strategy a bit to field the best possible chance at finishing high in the top-heavy prize pool.

Prize Pool for MLB Survivor in June 2016

All players who qualify for the Final Round of MLB Survivor are guaranteed at least $100 in prizes with 1st place taking down $7,000. Here are a full list of prizes available to participants:

1st: $7,000
2nd: $4,000
3rd: $3,000
4th: $2,000
5th: $1,500
6th: $1,000
7th: $750
8th: $600
9th-10th: $500
11th-15th: $400
16th-20th: $300
21st-30th: $250
31st-50th: $200
51st-81st: $150
82nd-226th: $100

If you wish to participate in FanDuel’s Survivor contests, they can be found by searching for “$50k Survivor” when you are in the FanDuel lobby.