Here are the Top DraftKings Commercials This Week


With the first kickoff less than two weeks away, daily fantasy sports sites are putting up significant cash to convince players that they are the go-to DFS site for the 2015 season NFL season. Some are offering lucrative preseason freerolls. Some are impressing with Week 1 contests guarantees.

What is also clear is that DraftKings is putting some of their recent funding dollars to work with a barraged of TV ads to get a message across to players that they should be playing daily fantasy sports and they should be doing it at DraftKings.

Legal Sports Report’s Dustin Gouker tweeted this morning that DraftKings had reached number four this week in the top 10 spender’s list from, a real-time tracking service of paid TV media. According to this week’s rankings, DraftKings had an estimated ad spend of $12,411,582 over 5,009 national airings during the last week. This was behind only AT&T, Geico and Warner Brothers.

Is there any doubt now whether daily fantasy sports has hit the big time?

The Most Popular DraftKings Commercials features nearly two dozen recent ads spots, many of them centered around recent million dollar winners Dave Gomes and Drew Dinkmeyer, which show the highs and lows of regular guys winning huge prizes, a theme in most of the DraftKings recent spots.

“Real People, Real Winnings”

The most widely aired commercial was this one, advertising the Millionaire Maker, a daily fantasy sports contest that DraftKings is running during Week 1 of the NFL season. “This is what real people look like winning a million dollars.” The message is clear from this ad – this could be you.

In a similar spot, “Step up to the Plate”, DraftKings tries to sell the product by showing prospective players that “this is the feeling of turning a game you love into a lifetime of cash.”

“Week One”

This ad, which will likely see increased exposure over the next couple weeks, features a determined man wide awake before his alarm clock goes off, bursting with excitement to start the season. This add promises that every week is Week 1 at DraftKings. “This isn’t fantasy as usual; this is DraftKings.”

“Giant Check”

“We play for this, the giant check.” This ad features some of the real winners of DraftKings who have hoisted giant checks, earned through DraftKings biggest tournaments. The Millionaire Maker is featured in this ad, which will award $10 million in guaranteed cash.

“Football Season”

Another ad that centers around the football season, this spot tells viewers that they can “compete whenever you want with a new season every week.” The spot does not feature the Millionaire Maker, but is a general ad that one might expect DraftKings to run all season.


This joint spot between ESPN and DraftKings promotes ESPN fantasy and promises that one ESPN player will win one million dollars through the Millionaire Maker to split with the rest of their league. ESPN and DraftKings strengthened ties in June with a $250 million ad deal.

Non NFL Spots

While TV viewers will undoubtedly see even more daily fantasy football ads over the next few weeks and months, DraftKings is continuing to air plenty of ads for other popular DFS sports such as MLB, NASCAR, NHL and golf.

This spot, promoting DraftKings daily fantasy baseball has been aired 1,735 times nationally so far. Interestingly, the spot again predominately features Dinkmeyer and Gomes, who each won major NFL contests (not MLB).

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