FantasyDraft Rake Free H2H Contests Introduced


FantasyDraft, eager to compete to against larger sites like FanDuel and DraftKings have introduced rake free contests to bring more interest into the site. The contests are available for a limited time at certain head to head contents at the site.

There has been a lot of talk about high rake lately. It is assumed that daily fantasy sports rake is a necessary evil. But one site is changing that at least for a short period of time.

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FantasyDraft Eligible Games?

FantasyDraft is offering its rake free promotion just for head to head contests.

There is no indication how long rake free head to head contests will last at this time.

Rake free contests will be offered for buy-ins ranging from $0.25 up to $2,000. In addition, they will also offer Intermediate that highly experienced players are not able to enter.

The promotion is not available for all head to head contests. Only those labeled as “rake-free” will not charge rake. At this time, it appears that FantasyDraft is still charging rake on many head to head contests, so make sure you are aware of this before joining a contest.

How to Find FantasyDraft rake free contest?s

The easiest way to find FantasyDraft rake free contests is by going to the Head-To-Head tab on FantasyDraft.

From there you can scroll down to the rake-free contests at the bottom of the lobby.. You can also search “Rake” from the search box to find all the contests.

Note that contests that are rake-free, also have prizes that are exactly two times the entry fee.

How much am I saving at rake free contests

Daily fantasy rake really adds up if you play a lot. Generally speaking, rake is between 10%-15% of the total amount that you spend on each contest. This rake makes it more difficult for borderline daily fantasy sports players to win in the longrun and can significantly limit wins of professions.

What is the rake for FantasyDraft’s regular head to head contests and how much will you save during this promotion?

FantasyDraft Rake-Free Contest Savings
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Do Rake Free Promotions Work?

Historically, rake free sites and promotions don’t last too long, so make sure that you take advantage of the offer while you can. FantasyDraft is only offering rake-free contests for select contests. Others have offered more widespread rake free products.

FantasyUp, offered totally rake-free contests upon launching in 2014. They ultimately closed up shop in early 2016 before being rescued by the iTeam Network.

Online poker rooms such as World Poker Exchange experimented with rake free poker but no online poker site or daily fantasy site have gained significiant traction.

There are a few possible reasons for this but it seems the most commonly accepted reason is that rake is primarily a concern for more savvy players. And once these games attract a bunch of higher skilled players, it can be difficult to maintain the quality of the games if there aren’t a sufficient amount of recreational players joining the games.

Offering the games is also tough for operators long term because making money from a site that isn’t charging a fee for a major service is difficult to sustain. World Poker Exchange used their poker site as a lose leader and hope that poker players moved on to their sportsbook. FantasyUp was a small daily fantasy sports site and aimed to build up a following. Neither were particularly successful.

With FantasyDraft, the site is already reasonably successful (they offer guaranteed tournaments up to $100,000) and by limiting the rake free contests to particular contest type — in this case head to head contests — they are hoping players flock to the site from other DFS sites.