FantasyDraft Adds PGA Contests


Fans of daily fantasy golf now have another option to play one of the fastest growing DFS games. FantasyDraft was begun offering DFS golf just in time for a summer of action, joining a small list of sites offering contests.

FantasyDraft, one of the top 4 DFS sites offering contests, previously signaled in recent months that daily fantasy golf was coming soon. A PGA button had been available in the FantasyDraft lobby for some time in anticipation for the game. In addition to golf, FantasyDraft also offers NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA contests.

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A sneak peak of the newly launched PGA DFS contests has been posted on the FantasyDraft website:


FantasyDraft Contest Availability

FantasyDraft plans to offer contests for the most popular PGA tournaments each week. Players can join the following types of contests:

: A handful of guaranteed contests are offered with a couple prize pools over $1,000 for their premier contests (including a $5,000 $25). We would expect to this increase over time for more major tournaments. Entry fees range from $0.25 to $50.

: Contest entry fees range from $1 to $110.

Multipliers: Only double-up contests are available with entry fees ranging from $0.25 to $25.

Head to Head: FantasyDraft’s head to head contests can be entered with entry fees ranging from $1 to $215.

: There is a button for qualifiers in the lobby, but there is not currently any available.

Weather and tee times are provided by FantasyDraft within the contest information

Fantasy Draft Golf Contest Rules

For FantasyDraft PGA contests, players will need to draft a roster of 6 golfers while staying under a fictional salary cap of $100,000. You will be able to pick from a poll of golfers who are participating in a single tournament running during the week (starting on Thursday).

Like all of FantasyDraft contests, salaries will not change once the contest has been posted for that day.

The prize pool of your contest will depend on the contest type as well as the specific structure of the contest you join.

Points will be awarded in three separate categories (per hour, tournament finish and bonuses/steaks) according to the following schedule:

Per Hole Scoring:

Golfers will receive points on each hole they play during the tournament, except in the case where playoff holes are played.

Double Eagle: 25 Points
Eagle: 10 Points
Birdie: 5 Points
Par: 1 Point
Bogey: -1 Point
Double Bogey: -2 Points
Triple Bogey or worse: -3 Points

Tournament Finish Scoring:

Golfers will score points based on where they finish after regulation.

1st: 25 Points
2nd: 20 Points
3rd: 15 Points
4th: 13 Points
5th: 12 Points
6th: 11 Points
7th: 10 Points
8th: 9 Points
9th: 8 Points
10th: 7 Points
11th-15th: 6 Points
16th-20th: 5 Points
21st-25th: 4 Points
26th-30th: 3 Points
31st-40th: 2 Points
41st-50th: 1 Point
51st or higher: 0 Point

Any players tied for a position will receive a full allocation of points.


In addition to receiving points for performance on each hole, players will also receive points for streaks and special accomplishments:

Streak of 3 birdies or better: 3 Points
Streak of 4 birdies or better: 4 Points
Streak of 5 birdies or better: 5 Points
Round with no bogeys: 5 Points
Hole in one: 20 Points

For birdie streaks, a maximum of one is awarded per round.