FanDuel Unveils Big Game Bingo For Super Bowl

FanDuel Big Game Bingo is Free

In case you haven’t noticed, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. To celebrate the occasion FanDuel is introducing a new game called “Big Game Bingo” that both new and seasoned FanDuel users can play.

The game has little to do with fantasy sports but could prove to be a fun way to make this Super Bowl Sunday more exciting. The game is free for all FanDuel players with a top prize over $1,000.

How Big Game Bingo Works

Big Game Bingo works in a similar way to a real game of bingo, but instead of called numbers, your bingo board will consist of a variety of prop plays and situations from the Super Bowl. You will receive a board that consists of 24 different props, plus of course a free play in the center.

If you are the first to hit five squares, you will win $1,000 and an Xbox One S 500GB Madden NFL 18 game bundle from Gamestop. In addition to the main prize, any FanDuel user who hits a Bingo will also be eligible to receive prizes.

FanDuel Bingo Prizes
1st$1,000 cash + Xbox Bundle
2nd-10th$200 + $50 GameStop gift card
11th-20th$100 + $50 GameStop gift card
21st-50th$75 + $50 GameStop gift card

Any other players receiving a bingo will earn a ticket to an upcoming FanDuel contest.

Where to Find FanDuel Big Game Bingo

The game can be accessed from the website or through an updated version of the FanDuel mobile app.

As the game progresses, your card will automatically mark off the plays/scenarios that have happened. Once you have five in a row, click “Bingo.”

Below is a sample of the GameStop Big Game Bingo card that all players can claim as a FanDuel member. Bingo cards can be accessed from the FanDuel lobby.

FanDuel Bingo Game Board