FanDuel Unveils Beat the Score Contests

FanDuel Beat the Score Challenge Debuts February 28th

FanDuel has recently introduced “Beat the Score” contests with a simple premise – hit a predetermined point threshold and receive an equal share of the prize, regardless of whether you finish in first or in last. It’s a game that promises to be more community-based given the nature of how prizes are awarded.

To promote these new contests, FanDuel is debuting the “Beat the Score” Fan Challenge for the first week of March. The more points that the community as a whole score, the larger the prize pool will be. All FanDuel users will receive a Free entry into the contest.

Beat the Score Contests

Currently available for the NBA, NHL and EPL, FanDuel Beat the Score contests are the latest version of daily fantasy sports introduced on the site — with a major tweak. Instead of trying to outscore your opponents, your task in Beat the Score contests is just to meet a minimum point level.

A FanDuel user that reaches the point threshold after all the games are completed within the slate will split the prize pool with other users that achieve the feat.

By design, these games are made to be very simple and easy to play for all FanDuel users. All Beat the Score contests utilize the sport’s FanDuel standard scoring rules.

If nobody hits the “Beat the Score” threshold, all players will have their buy-ins refunded.

In the lobby, you can find Beat the Score contests in the “Featured” section of the lobby. Contests will also be available in a new “Beat the Score” section under each sport’s contests.

Beat the Score in the FanDuel lobby

Within the name of the contests, users can see the number of points that you must score in order to “Beat the Score.” FanDuel has provided historical stats to give you an idea of your odds of reaching various scores.

FanDuel Beat the Score

Beat the Score Challenge

To celebrate the initial launch of Beat the Score, FanDuel is unveiling the Beat the Score Fan Challenge

The Beat the Score Challenge hopes to unify FanDuel players for a common goal – a larger prize pool. FanDuel is encouraging users to gather their friends and participate in Beat the Score daily contests from February 28th through the first six days of March.

The prize pool of the Beat the Score Challenge will be determined by adding up the number of points scored in all “Beat the Score” contests during the promotion period.

Players will receive 1 Free Play entry for every night you play a Beat the Score contest during the promotion — up to 7. The larger the prize pool, the more money that will be split among qualifiers.

FanDuel Beat the Score Prizes (Nightly at 7 PM ET)
2 Million Points$5,000 Free Play
5 Million Points$10,000 Free Play
10 Million Points$15,000 Free Play
17 Million Points$20,000 Free Play
25 Million Points$25,000 Free Play