Score Points in the FanDuel Summer Buzzer Beater Challenge

FanDuel Summer Buzzer Beater - Daily fantasy sports contest challenges

This week FanDuel introduced an interesting new promotion which aims to get players engaged in a variety of sports this summer – the FanDuel Summer Buzzer Beater Challenge.

This unique challenge is only being offered for a limited time, but it’s creative way of getting daily fantasy sports players to experiment with other games – and earn a bit extra while doing so.

How’s the Summer Buzzer Beater Challenge Works

The Summer Buzzer Beater Challenge runs just for a few days, but its a concept that aims to get players excited for daily fantasy sports in general.

Players who take part in predetermined challenges can earn points towards FDP point prizes and contest entries that give away up to $5,000 in cash. The challenges are awarding 1 to 3 points for completing each challenge. And earning points for completing challenges is easy. For all 15 challenges, a player needs to simply enter a specified contest.

Generally, the more difficult the challenge, the points will be awarded.

Here are the challenges available for the Summer Buzzer beater which runs through July 4th.

1 Point Challenges:

Enter any MLB contest
Enter 2 or more MLB Head to Head Contests with Buy-in of $1 of more
Enter MLB Mixup Tee Ball Contest
Enter MLB Ticket Giveaway Contest on Twitter

2 Point Challenges:

Enter any MLB Rally Contest
Enter any WNBA Free Throw Contest
Enter any PGA Flop Shot Contest
Enter any MLB Mixkup Sandlot Contest

3 Point Challenges:

Enter any PGA contest with an entry fee of $5 or more
Enter any WNBA contest with an entry fee of $5 or more
Enter any MLB Grand Slam contest
Enter a Friend Mode contest

Prizes for Earning Points

The more points that are accumulated during Summer Buzzer Beater Challenge, the largest the prize will be. Points are not extremely difficult to earn – you just have to play a variety of different contests. We don’t expect the value of these rewards to be extremely high, but they will add to your overall value.

Players earn FanDuel Points as well as any entry to a freeroll contest based on the number of points earned.

FanDuel Summer Buzzer Beater Prizes
Points AwardedPrize
1-5Access to a $1,000 MLB Free Play Contest
6-72,400 FDP + Access to a $1,000 MLB Free Play Contest
8-94,800 FDP + Access to a $1,000 MLB Free Play Contest
10+12,000 FDP + Entry into the $5k Buzzer Beater Showdown Contest