FanDuel Simplifies Daily Fantasy Golf Rosters

FanDuel Golf 2.0 New Roster Structure Released

Daily fantasy golf launched just two months ago at FanDuel, but the 2nd largest DFS site has decided to tweak the way rosters are constructed. FanDuel is calling the new product “FanDuel Golf 2.0,” a new and more simple roster format.

Some players found the previous structure confusing. Instead of drafting golfers for all four rounds, the original FanDuel roster structure required 4 golfers for rounds 1-2 and another 4 golfers for rounds 3-4. The changes are effective for all FanDuel golf contests at FanDuel moving forward.

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A Look at the New FanDuel Golf Structure

The new structure will now require FanDuel daily fantasy golf participants to simply draft eight golfers for rounds 1-4. If a golfer fails to make cut, they will not earn any points for later rounds. The changes are applicable for all future FanDuel golf contests.

The previous structure was complex and comparatively difficult to understand, especially considering that all four rounds is standard for other DFS sites and arguably more intuitive to players.

The origin of the previous structure was believed to have been created to address potential concerns with the legality of daily fantasy golf. FanDuel’s hesitation to launch golf was at the center of a long delay in launching a golf product at FanDuel.

Apparently those concerns have diminished in recent months. The FanDuel golf contests will now be structured in the way that they are at DraftKings. Both brands could be merging with FanDuel sometime this year.

FanDuel 2.0 Golf Questions

Below we break down some questions that daily fantasy golf participants at FanDuel may have about the new structure.

Which contests will the structure apply to?

The new roster structure is for all FanDuel golf contests.

When is the change effective from?

The change is effective immediately, so any future contests will use the new roster structure. This obviously applies for this week’s contests as well.

Is the FanDuel golf scoring changing?

Although the method in which rosters are constructed has changed, FanDuel golf contests will still use the same exact scoring as before.

Entry Fee Refund up to $120 at FanDuel

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