FanDuel Refund Offer Replaces Sign-Up Bonus

FanDuel Changes New Player Offer

Beginning on May 18th, FanDuel will replace their previous 5-Pack introductory offer with a new bonus – the Entry Fee Refund Credit Offer. With the new FanDuel bonus, players will be eligible to receive a refund up to $120 on the first DFS contest they enter.

Up to $120 Refund on 1st Contest Entry at FanDuel

Use Code DFSJoe

FanDuel Entry Fee Credit Offer

The FanDuel bonus will be available to all new users who create a FanDuel account and make a first deposit. If you do not win a prize on your first contest, your account will be refunded the amount of the entry up to $120. Your refund will be based on the deposit amount as well as the entry size.

FanDuel Bonus - Refund Offer
Deposit Effective %First Entry Credit Amount

Should you lose your first contest, your refund will be credited to your account within 72 hours of the completion of the eligible contest. After you credited your refund, it must be used to play before you can make a FanDuel withdrawal. In addition, you also need put into play all of the money that was deposited — for example, $200 in entries for a $200 deposit — before withdrawing.

How Does this Offer Compare to the Previous FanDuel Bonus?

The FanDuel 5-pack previously awarded a $50 contest entry to new depositors, which could be used by players to enter any contest risk free..

Although the risk-free nature of the previous FanDuel bonus has ended, players can potentially receive a larger overall benefit through this offer – $120 now vs $50 with the FanDuel 5-Pack offer.

To maximize the benefit of this new FanDuel deposit bonus, you will obviously want to deposit at least $200. You probably also want to enter a contest with a buy-in as close to $100 as you can.

You will need to play off the refund should you lose, but the risk of the offer can be minimized significantly. One strategy might be to play a $100 buy-in guaranteed tournament with a large prize pool. That way you can either score a decent-sized prize, or should you lose — play your refund in lower variance contests such as 50/50s or head to heads. If you stick to lower buy-in contests, you can further reduce your variance.

How to Take Advantage of FanDuel Entry Refund Offer

The FanDuel Entry Refund Offer is available to all new players. Here are the steps you can take to receive the offer.

1) Sign-up to FanDuel through the link below:

Up to $120 Refund on 1st Contest Entry at FanDuel

Use Code DFSJoe

2) Select the amount you would like to deposit. You can either choose a pre-selected deposit amount of a custom amount of your own. You will see a timer on this screen, but you will be eligible for the bonus regardless of whether you deposit right away or not.

FanDuel free entry offer with deposit

3) Enter one of the many real-money contests in the FanDuel lobby.

4) If you lose the first content you enter you will be eligible to receive a refund of that contest up to $120.

5) Your refund will be credited within 72 hours of the completion of the contest

6) To withdraw your refund and your deposit amount, you must use all of the funds into DFS contests at least once.