FanDuel Mixup Launched This Week

FanDuel Mixup Details

A mere two weeks after teasing the promotion, FanDuel Mixup has officially went live. Fortunately with the launch of Mixup, we now have more details about these contests and how they differ from standard FanDuel contests.

FanDuel Mixup is currently only available for MLB contests using standard FanDuel baseball scoring.

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FanDuel Mixup Details

As FanDuel describes on their website, Mixup is designed to be “fun, fast and fan-friendly.” Each week, FanDuel Mixup will run a different theme. By nature, FanDuel Mixup contests “mixup” the concept of what daily fantasy sports is. Instead of lineups being constructed of relatively consistent rules, FanDuel contests will fundamentally be different.

The first week’s theme was called “Pickup.” Instead of a normal 9-man roster, rosters consist of 2 pictures and 3 position players in any position. The five players must come from a minimum of 3 teams. FanDuel Mixup contests will be scored on FanDuel using standard MLB rules. During the second week, the theme is mysteriously dubbed “No Pets Allowed.” Examples of other themes may range from slight tweaks (“NL Players Only”, to the bizzare (“All Lefties”) or the quirky (“Road Warriors”). Players can find full details on the Mixup theme for the week every Monday.

Mixup rosters will be smaller than a standard daily fantasy sports lineup, making lineups easier to construct. Like standard daily fantasy contests, these contests will be run using normal slates.

How to Play FanDuel Mixup

There are numerous ways to find and play FanDuel Mixup contests.

FanDuel Mixup games can be found directly from the lobby under MLB contests. You will need to select the “Mixup” Slate to display the Mixup contests for that day.

FanDuel Mixup in the lobby

You will also be able to access contests from the FanDuel Mixup promotion page, where certain Mixup contests will be highlited. This will be on hub from where you can get full information on the week’s theme as well.

Lastly, Fanuel Mixup contests can be under the “Featured” tab. The best way to find these games when on this tab is by doing a cntl-f and search for “Mixup.”