FanDuel Introduces FanDuel Labs

FanDuel launches FanDuel labs

This week, FanDuel introduced what they are calling “the next big thing in fantasy.” Fantasy Labs are a collection of innovative contests that tweak the rules of DFS by adding variation on new rosters, salaries and scoring options.

Fans of the classic FanDuel contests can rest easy — the daily fantasy sports contests on FanDuel will not be going anywhere. Fantasy Labs is just the latest form of DFS that FanDuel has introduced that players can try out. A few months ago, FanDuel gave us a link of new games when they introduced FanDuel Mini Contests, 5-man rosters with standard scoring.

FanDuel Labs Explained

FanDuel Labs is essentially a fancy name for contests that don’t fit the traditional structure of FanDuel classic contests. This means that the general attributes of the classic/standards FanDuel contests have been tweaked for “Lab” contests, whether its the positions used in your roster construction, the salaries attributed to players or how points are scored.

The new games provide a unique variation on DFS that you may not be used to, but that may be more fun and require a different strategy to construct your lineups. FanDuel’s main goal here appears to give players more options when playing daily fantasy sports to allow users to mix things up a bit or even find a game that you enjoy more or find more profitable.

FanDuel promises to add many different games and styles on a regular basis. To start things off, FanDuel is introducing the following contests via the FanDuel Labs label.

New contests have been added for all major sports that are currently running.

NFL Super: These contests eliminate the defence and kicker positions while adding two flex positions – Flex and Super Flex.

NBA Positionless: All eight spots in the roster are utility positions.

NHL Pond Hockey: A simplified version of NFL DFS that includes just five roster sports.

EPL 5-A-Side: Like NHL Pond Hockey, these EPL contests feature a condensed lineup that includes 1 forward, 2 midfielders, 1 defender and a utility player.

More games will be coming soon, especially as other sports start their season. FanDuel is encourage users to share via Twitter ideas for games that want added.

Finding new FanDuel Labs Contests

With all the different types of games on FanDuel, fortunately you can find them fairly easily. They are located within the FanDuel lobby that you have come to know

When a tab for a specific sport, you can find the main game styles. For many sports, the full roster contests will be available with “Super [Labs]” contests. FanDuel NFL contests also list the “Mini” Five roster contests.

FanDuel Fantasy Labs lobby