FanDuel Introduces Bingo for NBA All Star Weekend

How to Play FanDuel All Star Bingo

Riding on the momentum from last week’s Super Bowl, next week FanDuel is going to offer Bingo again during NBA All-Star Weekend. Unlike Big Game Bingo that ran during the Super Bowl, All-Star Bingo will not run during the game but instead during the three All-Star special events.

The game is free to all FanDuel players and because it has little to do with DFS can be approached as a fun side-game with the opportunity to win some real money prizes.

How to Play FanDuel All Star Bingo

The free FanDuel All-Star Bingo card can be claimed from your account from now until the start of the events on February 17th at 8 PM ET. Any FanDuel users that hit five props in a row on their bingo card will receive their share of $25,000 in prizes.

FanDuel Bingo cards will consist of 24 randomly ordered props plus an additional free square in the center of the board. Once a FanDuel users hits 5 squares in a row, they will need toclick the “Bingo” button to claim a prize. This game is intended to be “played” live with the action so make sure you are paying attention.

Your Bingo card will be comprised of a mix of prizes from the NBA Skills Challenge, 3-Point Contest and the Slam Dunk Competition.

Below is a sample of an NBA All Star Bingo board and the type of props that you will need to hit to claim a prizes.

FanDuel NBA All-Star Bingo Board

FanDuel All-Star Bingo Prizes

FanDuel is awarding $25,000 in prizes as part of the NBA All Star Weekend Bingo with $1,000 awarded to first place. Every FanDuel user who gets a bingo will receive a prize with the top 4725 players receiving a monetary prize.

FanDuel All Star Bingo Prizes