FanDuel Friends Mode Gets New Chat Feature

FanDuel Friends Mode Chat

If you have been holding out on Friends-mode, a new feature might have you reconsidering. Released earlier this month, the FanDuel Friends mode now includes a new chat feature, which will enable DFS players to more easily communicate with members of your league.

FanDuel Friends Mode chat is an excellent addition to the FanDuel app to get friends involved with your league. Now you can inform other league members about contests more easily, and of course, engage in all the trash talk your league can handle.

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If you have an unread message, there will be a blue “badge” next to the “Friends” tab. You can also set your alerts you are informed every time a league member sends a message.

Friends Mode Chat is available within the new FanDuel mobile version. You will need to update to the latest version of the FanDuel app in the Google Play store or Apple iOS store.

Check out a promo video of the new FanDuel Friends Mode Chat below.

What is FanDuel Friends Mode?

FanDuel Friends Mode was first released before the start of the 2016 NFL season. It’s part of a trend to make daily fantasy sports sites a more social experience. DraftKings released one month prior called DraftKings Leagues. As the name implies, Friends Mode allows FanDuel players to play DFS contests their friends, much like players are used to in traditional fantasy sports leagues.

Once you have created a league, you can invite friends and other players to play private contests via FanDuel’s website or app. The league will essentially act as a hub for all the contests you want to play with your group of friends. Standings help league members keep track of performance — the fuel for bragging rights among friends.

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