DraftKings UK is Live


DraftKings took a big step on Saturday when they officially expanded their popular daily fantasy sports games to players located in the United Kingdom.

The move represents the first United States based DFS site that has spread their contests into non-North American countries and comes at a time when increased pressure has been put on the industry stateside.

DraftKings UK will share the same player pool as players in the United States and Canada, which means that players from all three countries will be able to join contests against each other.

During the month of February, DraftKings is celebrating the launch by giving UK players a chance to join the games for free with $1,000 freerolls for Premier League and Champions League contests.

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DraftKings Road to the United Kingdom

DraftKings received a UK license in July of 2015. Original estimates had DraftKings UK entering the market by the end of 2015. That launch was stalled while the site worked out some “minor issues.”

At the time of the UK license announcement, they said that they planned to move into other international markets including Asia and Latin America sometime during 2016.

Still, with widespread sports betting already available in the country, daily fantasy sports may face an uphill battle competing in those market where big sportsbook brands have operated for many years. United States customers, on the other hand, have had very limited access to legal sports betting, and some have theorized that daily fantasy sports has thrived in its absence.

Details on DraftKings UK

Players from the UK will have access to all of DraftKings contests. DraftKings has the largest selection of daily fantasy sports of any DFS sites including NFL, NBA, PGA and NHL. Soccer, or football as it is known in the United Kingdom, is also offered by DraftKings and is expected to be the biggest benefactor of DraftKings UK.

The site is well positioned to offer contests to UK customers as English Premier League contests dominate the vast majority of available daily fantasy soccer contests on DraftKings. The site will complete with Mondogoal, a daily fantasy sports site exclusively offering soccer contests.

Players looking to play soccer DFS can expect a handful of guarantee contests over $1,000, with top events reaching $7,000-$12,000 in DraftKings. A full selection of DFS contest types (head to head, 50/50s etc) are available at the site’s soccer contests. DraftKings soccer scoring system awards points for 13 categories including goals scored, assists and shots.

Soccer may not be the only sport that sees increased activity on DraftKings. The NBA and NFL have gained popularity in the United Kingdom over the last few years, even hosting special regular season games.

If DFS manages to gather a foothold in the country, these sports could provide gains to DraftKings daily fantasy sports contests but also benefit an industry that is looking to hedge their bets outside the United States.