DraftKings Pick’em Contests Offer Salary Cap-Free DFS, Will Go Live August 16th

DraftKings Pick'em Contests New Type of DFS Games

Daily fantasy football season is revving up, and as a result DFS sites are rolling out new ways and games to get fans excited this season. The new contests are from DraftKings and it’s called Pick-em. And unlike standard daily fantasy contests from DraftKings and other DFS sites, there is no salary cap.

The lack of a salary cap means that DraftKings Pick’em promises to allow DFS participants the ability to “draft even faster than before” and provide a simpler experience — something that DraftKings hopes will attract a new segment of more casual DFS fans.

Free Contest Entry at DraftKings

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How to Play DraftKings Pick’em

DraftKings has released an introductory video explaining how the new contests work. By nature, it’s quite simple and allows players to more quickly select players to add to their lineup.

Like DraftKings standard DFS contests, participants will join contests from the DraftKings lobby and play against other DraftKings players. Your goal is the same – the earn more fantasy points than your opponent(s) using the standard scoring system.

Instead of drafting players based on a salary cap, DraftKings Pick’em contests require that a DFS participant select similarly valued players in a group of tiers. When joining a DFS contests, a participants task will be to select one player from each tier. For NFL and MLB contests, participants will need to make a selection from eight tiers.

Where to Play DraftKings Pick’em

As of Tuesday, DraftKings Pick’em contests are not in the lobby. According to a Tweet from DraftKings on Tuesday, players will be able to join the contests beginning on Wednesday. DraftKings Pick’em contests will be available for NFL contests, soccer and MLB. The new contests will expand to other sports in the near future.