DraftKings NFL Arcade Contests Could Be Coming Soon

DraftKings NFL Arcade Mode coming soon

DraftKings is currently beta testing Arcade Mode contests for the NFL. These striped down and point-heavy contests promise to add more scoring to DFS contests and simplify roster construction.

Released earlier this year for MLB, the contests proved to be popular with players for its unique brand of DFS. Now DraftKings is testing out an NFL version of Arcade Mode that could be released this year.

The new contest type is just the latest new offering from DraftKings, which in recent months and years has introduced Leagues, Pick’em and Casual contests.

Scoring and Rules for DraftKings NFL Arcade Contests

Although not yet officially released, we know the full scoring rules and details of DraftKings NFL Arcade Mode.

The most notable difference of DraftKings NFL Arcade contests is that roster size not only smaller but also simplified. In Arcade mode, DraftKings players will need to draft 2 quarterbacks and 4 flex players while staying under the standard salary cap of $50,000. There are no kickers and team team defence positions such as those found in DraftKings Classic NFL contests.

Flex selections can be made from a pool of wide receivers, running backs and tight ends.

Scoring is also significantly different than standard DraftKings NFL scoring.

Arcade contests aim to generate much higher scoring, giving participants the experience of faster action. In addition to increased points for most stat categories, there are also a handful of bonuses available that can help you rack up points for your team. Below is a full schedule of DraftKings NFL Arcade Scoring:

DraftKings NFL Arcade Scoring
Passing TD15
10 Passing Yards1 (0.1 per yard)
Passing Yardage Booster (bonus points for yards beyond 300 Total Passing Yards)0.10 per yard
Pass Completed0.2
300+ Yard Passing Game3
Rushing TD20 – 39 Yds = 3
40 – 59 Yds = 6
60+ Yds = 9
10 Rushing Yards3 Points (0.30 per yard)
Rushing Yardage Booster (bonus points for yards beyond 100 Total Rushing Yards)0.6
Rush Attempt0.4
100+ Yard Rushing Game3
Receiving TD20
10 Receiving Yards3 (0.3 per ard)
Receiving Yardage Booster (bonus points for yards beyond 100 Total Receiving Yards)0.3 per yard
100+ Receiving Yard Game3
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD20
2 Pt Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch)5
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD20
Longest Pass (maximum 1 per player)40 – 59 Yards = 2
60 – 74 Yards = 4
75+ Yards = 6
Longest Rush (maximum 1 per player20 – 39 = 3
40 – 59 = 6
60+ = 9
Longest Reception (maximum 1 per player)20 – 39 Yds = 2
40 – 59 Yds = 4
60+ Yds = 6

How to Find DraftKings NFL Arcade Contests

DraftKings NFL Arcade contests are currently not available in the DraftKings lobby. When they go live, they will be part of new “Arcade” mode contests which can be sorted through the DraftKings lobby.

Stay tuned to Dailyfantasysports.codes for information when this new game is released.