DraftKings Leading in Pennsylvania

Daily Fantasy Sports in PA

During the first month of regulated DFS in Pennsylvania, there was a big surprise in the reports – FanDuel was the biggest DFS in the state by revenue. While the results were just for a single state, the numbers did turn some heads.

Pennsylvania has released its second month of daily fantasy sports revenue in the state and the results were a bit less surprising — DraftKings regained the lead as the largest DFS site in the land.

As far as the DFS world as a whole, numbers for June were down, with just over $1 million in revenue generated among the nine regulated daily fantasy sports providers in PA. Of course, the revenue decline is not a huge surprise given the fact that the only major sport running at the moment is MLB.

That will all change in early September as the NFL season begins, opening up the peak of the year for DFS players.

The Biggest DFS Sites in PA

With DraftKings and FanDuel number one and two in the state, who is number three? That honor goes to DRAFT, a website that has a different style of games that the largest DFS sites do.

After that is another traditional DFS site, FantasyDraft. From there, is five relatively small sites with under $2,500 in revenue combined. Needless to say, they aren’t big players at the moment. Perhaps most surprisingly during June was Yahoo which generated -$269.18 in revenue during the month, a sharp decline from the previous month.

Below is a look at the top performing DFS sites that are regulated in PA during the month of June. Despite the numbers being limited to Pennsylvania, we can make assumptions about the size of DFS sites and use that information in our choice of where to play.

Daily Fantasy Sports Revenue for Pennsylvania in June 2018
DFS ProvidersDFS revenue for June 2018 in PA
Fantasy Draft$4,392.37
Sportshub Technologies$1,570.69
Boom Fantasy$639.93
Full Time Fantasy Sports$0.00
Fantasy Football Players Championship$0.00
Yahoo Fantasy Sports$-269.18