DraftKings FFWC Guaranteeing $15 MM, 3 New Millionaires


It is being dubbed the biggest fantasy contest of all time. It will even be the first fantasy football competition covered on ESPN. Yes, DraftKings’ Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) is back and will be held over two Sundays this December and January, awarding $15 million in cash and crowning three new millionaires.

A Final “Round of 200” will be held during Week 15 in San Diego, with the top 10 players qualifying for the Grand Final in Los Angeles January 16th to 17th for the NFL Divisional Finals.

Players can qualify for the Round of 200 via satellites today for as little as $0.25.

How the Fantasy Football World Championship Works


During the first 14 weeks of the NFL season (that means just five more weeks to go), daily fantasy sports fans will be able to qualify through a variety of satellites and qualifiers held every Sunday. Satellites and qualifiers start at just $0.25 and move up to $5,300. Players can qualify for the FFWC up to eight times through Week 14.

The Round of 200

A total of 200 players/entries will qualify for the “Round of 200,” which will be held in San Diego on December 20th. Each prize package — valued at $80,000 — will include a ticket to the FFWC, accommodations for a four night stay in San Diego from December 17th to December 21st and $1,000 in airfare.

The format for the Round of 200 will include the Sunday games that start from 1:05 PM to 4:25 PM ET during Week 15.

The Grand Final

The top ten players from the Round of 200 will meet in Los Angeles a few weeks later for the Grand Final — January 16th-January 17th. You’ll get a three-night VIP trip to the City of Angels for you and up to five guests.

The slate of games for the Grand Final will include the four NFL divisional games running that weekend. Scores will be the based on the cumulative results from Week 15 in San Diego and January 16th-17th.

Fantasy Football World Championship Prize Pool

Everybody who qualifies for the Round of 200 is guaranteed at least $20,000. The top 10 finishers of the day will battle it out in the Grand Final in Los Angeles from January 16th to January 17th, broadcast by ESPN.

Here is the full list of prizes

1st – 10th Grand Finals, Featured on ESPN
1st- $5 Million
2nd- $2 Million
3rd- $1 Million
4th- $500,000
5th- $300,000
6th- $200,000
7th-10th $100,000

11th-20th: $100,000
21st-30th: $50,000
31st-40th: $35,000
41st-50th: $30,000
51st-70th: $27,500
71st-110th: $25,000
111th-150th: $22,500
151st-200th: $20,000

Finding FFWC Satellites and Qualifiers

The Fantasy Football World Championship is exclusively available through DraftKings.

You can’t enter the Round of 200 directly, but you can qualify through aptly named “Fantasy Football World Championship Qualifiers,” which will award one or two tickets to the Round of 200. Qualifier buy-ins will range from $3 to $5,300 depending on the contest.

Satellites, which feed into the FFWC qualifiers, are available with buy-ins of $0.25, $3, $20 and $100.

Find the qualifiers and satellites by going to the “Satellites and Qualifiers” section of FanDuel. The FFWC contests are mixed in with other qualifiers and satellites. The best way to filter FFWC events is by searching for “FFWC.” To find the qualifiers search for the “world champ” term.