DraftKings FBWC Guaranteeing $4 Million


It’s still some three months away but the DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championship (FBWC), held this summer on August 27th, is shaping up to be the biggest live daily fantasy baseball events of the year. DraftKings has already qualified dozens of players and will be qualifying dozens more over the summary.

The Fantasy Baseball World Championship is being held in Toronto and will guarantee $4 million in prizes with $1 million awarded to first. The live contest will include a slate of 10 games held on August 27th, which all start from 7:10 to 8:10 PM ET. Players can qualify for as little as $0.25.

World Championship Baseball Packages

Each package to the Fantasy Baseball World Championship is worth $29,700 and will consist of the following:

–A FBWC Ticket, with over $4 million guaranteed
–Three night stay in Toronto
–$1200 in cash for airfare and transfers
–The ability to experience downtown Toronto in “VIP style”

Want to get an idea of what the FBWC is like? Take a look at a recap of the 2015 FBWC to get a feel for what you will be in for:

FBWC Prize Poll

Every player who qualifies for the FBWC and attends will receive a prize, with every player guaranteed at least $5,000 and $1 million given to first place:

1st: $1,000,000
2nd: $400,000
3rd: $250,000
4th: $175,000
5th: $125,000
6th: $100,000
7th: $75,000
8th: $60,000
9th-10th: $45,000
11th-15th: $35,000
16th-20th: $30,000
21st-30th: $25,000
31st-40th: $20,000
41st-50th: $15,000
51st-80th: $10,000
81st-120th: $7,500
121st-160th: $5,000

How to Qualify for the DraftKings FBWC

The Fantasy Baseball World Championship features satellites starting for as little as $0.25 with higher buy-in satellites and qualifiers also available (up to $100 for satellites and up to $1,000 for qualifiers). Satellites will feed into qualifiers, which will qualify players directly for the FBWC. You will not need to enter satellites to be eligible to enter a qualifier.

You can find these special feeder contests under the “satellites and qualifiers” tab at DraftKings. You can also search for “fbwc” to find the contest of your choice.

Deciding on which satellite or qualifier to enter will be a personal choice, but generally qualifiers will have higher buy-ins. DraftKings players can qualify up to six times, meaning you can enter up to six lineups for the final if qualify the maximum amount.