DraftKings Fantasy Baseball World Championship Awarding $4 Million Guaranteed

2017 Fantasy Baseball World Championship

DraftKings is again offering the largest daily fantasy baseball contest this year with the $4 million guaranteed Fantasy Baseball World Championship in Denver, Colorado. The world’s largest DFS site has already qualified dozens of participants with even more to qualify before the final on August 25th.

Let’s take a look at one of daily fantasy baseball’s biggest events.

FBWC 2017 Details

Every year, the Fantasy Baseball World Championship (FBWC) is one of the premier daily fantasy sports contests. This year it is being held in Denver, Colorado and 125 lucky players will be able to participate for their share of $4 million in guaranteed prizes.

All 125 players that qualify will win a mimimum of $10,000 with an average value of $400 going to each player. Each package includes a FBWC ticket, three night stay (August 24th-August 27th) and $1,000 for cash for airfare.

Here’s a look at the prizes the 125 participants will take home:

FanDuel Fantasy Baseball World Championship Prizes
1 st$500,000
2 nd$350,000
3 rd $250,000
4 th$200,000
5 th$150,000
6 th$125,000
7 th - 8 th$100,000
9 th - 10 th$75,000
11 th - 15 th$50,000
16 th - 25 th$35,000
26 th - 35 th$25,000
36 th - 50 th$20,000
51 st - 75 th$15,000
76 th - 100 th$12,000
101 st - 125 th$10,000

The easiest ways to find the satellites and qualifiers under the MLB and searching for “FBWC.”

FBWC 2017 at DraftKings

Qualification for the FBWC

You can not enter the 2017 FBWC directly. Instead, you must earn your place at the FBWC by entering satellites or qualifiers. The contests are designed to give all types of players a chance to participate in this popular event. Satellites start at just $3 while qualifiers are avaiable starting at $33. Satellites, which are much more plentiful, feed into DraftKings qualifiers. Each qualifier will send one person to the FBWC.

Players may qualify up to 5 times through August 18th. Qualifying multiple times will allow you enter more than one lineup to the event.

Still confused what FWBC has to offer? Here’s a taste of the FBWC during 2015: