With Few Sports Playing Games, DraftKings DFS Getting Creative With Contest Offerings

DraftKings eNASCAR, eSports

As a sports fan, you are keenly aware that there is very little action going on the sports world. And if you play daily fantasy sports, that means the availability of daily fantasy sports has been severely impacted over the last few weeks. While no one knows for sure when major sports will return, when they do, sports will be an important part of a return to normal.

But while major sports hit the pause button, DraftKings has attempted to fill the sports void of March Madness, playoff basketball and early season baseball with some creative ways to keep DFS users entertained while they wait for their favorite sports.

While DraftKings has offered non-sports contests such as eSports for quite some time, I was quite surprised to see the breadth of contests that DraftKings has been offering in mid-April. Let’s dive in to see what DraftKings is doing to navigate these unusual times.


League of Legends contests have long been offered on DraftKings, but daily contests for other games have recently gained traction. DraftKings users can find contests for other popular eSports such as for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League. The prize pools and variety of contests available is yet another signal that eSports is here to stay. DraftKings gives eSports fans plenty of choices with their offerings for League of Legends and CS:GO.

League of Legends prize pools have been seen in six figures with contests prize pools up to $300,000 while CS:GO contests feature prize pools up to $40,000. A Rocket League Spring Series Opener is scheduled for April 18th with a $100,000 prize pool for a $15 buy-in.


All major golf tours have been suspended with major tournaments moved until later in the year. However, Arizona’s “Outlaw Touris getting some unexpected attention for being one of the only golf competitions on the docket. DraftKings has added a sizable number of contests to its lobby for this event that kicks off on Monday.

DraftKings users can find guaranteed tournaments up to $60,000 with plenty of head to heads, 50/50s, Double Ups and Multipliers.

DraftKings eNASCAR

All NASCAR races have been postponed indefinitely, so eNASCAR races are left to fill the void. Offered since 2010, the virtual races feature cars driven by real drivers. While new races run often, the next races featured on DraftKings aren’t until April 19th when the eNASCAR $333k SIM Rig Special gets underway. As part of the large prize pool, the event will be awarding $100,000 to the DraftKings user who finishes in 1st place.

DraftKings Simulated Madden Contests

The spring is typically off-season for football anyway, but DraftKings has used the lull to begin experimenting with virtual football contests.

While there are no real money contests available at the time of this writing, DraftKings is offering free contests with prize pools up to $5,000 for “Madden Stream” CPU vs CPU events. How do these games work? DraftKings simulates scheduled Madden football games throughout the day, streaming it live for fans to watch in real-time. Just as in a normal DFS contest, if your team performs well in the simulated game relative to other teams, you will part of the prize pool.

DraftKings Simulated Basketball

Similar to Madden simulated games, DraftKings Simulated basketball games are also available for free. But instead of “playing” a simulated game, DraftKings will randomly assign stats from a single game that occurred during the 2019-2020 season. As the game progresses, stats will be added over the hour.