DraftKings Users Can Help Company Raise $1 Million For United Way

DraftKings United Way

As you have noticed, there isn’t a whole lot going on in the sports world. But while most sports have hit the pause button due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, DraftKings has started an initiative called DK Rally where they hope to raise $1 million for the United Way.

DraftKings has committed $500,000 towards the charity and wants your help in contributing another $500,000. And while your contributions are always welcome, all it takes to participate is a few minutes or your time.

How you can help DraftKings donate $1 million

Here’s how to take part in DK Rally and how DraftKings will contribute $1 for every DraftKings user (or non-user that participates).

  1. Take a picture of yourself with your favorite rally cap. And don’t worry if the cap is a bit out there — DraftKings says that the more creativity, the better.
  2. After you have taken your photo, share it through through one or more of the following social media platforms with the hashtag #DKRally: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. When you make the post, tag your friends, so they more people can help DraftKings get out the word about donating to the United Way.

Donations through the United Way, whether it is via the DK Rally or your own contributions, can go towards emergency food supplies, helping the less fortunate cover rent and utilities and ensuring that kids have enough food while schools are closed.

If you would like donating directly to the United Way, you can do so directly from the United Way website.