DraftKings Tweaks Contest Entry Limits


DraftKings has tweaked the number of times players can enter its contests, a few days after Massachusetts released proposed broad regulations on the industry. The new rules will likely not have much effect on most players, but do put the site more in line with the regulations introduced by the state last Thursday.

Non-Guaranteed Contest Entry Limits

DraftKings non-guaranteed contests (i.e. head to head, 50/50s, leagues) have had their maximum number of entries allowed increased. Starting November 23rd, players will now be able to join 50 contests by buy-in level/type. This means that a player can now join 50 $1 entry head to head contests, 50 $2 entry head to head contests and so on.

The previous limit was 40 contests for each buy-in level/type.

New DraftKings Multi Entry Limits at Guaranteed Contests

Guaranteed contests, the most popular type of daily fantasy sports, will have the maximum number of entries lowered to a maximum of 3% of the size of the field. Some contests will continue to have their own maximum, but will never go over the posted 3% cap.

The rule means that if 10,000 entries join a guaranteed contest, one player would only be allowed to submit 300 entries to that contest. The new rules will primarily affect players that submit dozens of lineups in less popular guaranteed tournaments — where field sizes are small — and not in the larger guaranteed such as the Millionaire Maker, which already featured a cap of 500 (and attracts a couple hundred thousand total entries on a given week).

New guaranteed contest rules will be applicable for contests posted on or after November 23rd. Any contest — such as many contests for Week 12 of the NFL season — will not be subject to the new rules.

Massachusetts Regulations Likely Played a Role

The rules for multi-entries in guaranteed contests is a controversial topic for some due to the dominance of professional players who overload contests with their various lineups, making it difficult for recreational players submitting a lineup or two to break through.

After Massachusetts released their proposed regulations, DraftKings said they had some concerns about the regulations but that in general they were a “thoughtful and comprehensive approach” to regulation. Apparently, Massachusetts view on multi-entries was something that DraftKings agreed with.

The regulations contained the following language as it pertains to restrictions on the number of contests a player can enter:

DFSOs will not allow DFS players to submit more than one entry in any DFS contest involving 12 entries or less.
DFSOs will not allow DFS players to submit more than two entries in any DFS contest involving 13-36 entries.
DFSOs will not allow DFS players to submit more than three entries in any DFS contest involving 37-100 entries.
DFSOs will not allow DFS players to submit more than 3% of all entries in any contest involving more than 100 entries.

Although interested parties have 60 days to make makes from the regulations, daily fantasy sports sites have been encouraged by Massachusetts Attorney General to enact elements of the regulations earlier, as they would be beneficial to players overall.