Newly Launched DraftKings Arcade Mode Simplifies Daily Fantasy Baseball Contests

DraftKings Arcade Mode for MLB

DraftKings is introducing a new concept called DraftKings Arcade Mode for MLB contests, which is designed to give players a simplified version of daily fantasy baseball on DraftKings. The new format comes on the heels of experimentation in the way DFS is played. FantasyDraft introduced a new type of PGA contests earlier this month.

DraftKings Arcade Mode is not to be confused with the DraftKings Free Contest Arcade, which is no longer offered. It is also not available for any other sports at this time – only MLB.

Only got a minute? Here is a quick primer on DraftKings Arcade Mode:

How does DraftKings Arcade Mode Work?

DraftKings Arcade Mode is meant to provide players a simple version of daily fantasy baseball. Rosters are smaller, point scoring bonuses are unique and stacking is limited to 2 players.

Instead of drafting a roster of 10 players, your roster will only consist of 6 players – 5 hitters and 1 pitcher. The hitters can play any position – you just need to fit your roster under the salary $50,000 cap.

Drafted players will accumulate points in a unique scoring system that is quite different than the standard DraftKings MLB scoring rules.

DraftKings Arcade Mode Scoring System (MLB)
Plate Appearance1
Stolen Base12.5
Base on Balls3.2
Hit by Pitch3.2
Sacrifice Fly3.2
Hitter Bonuses
Home Run15
Grand Slam10
Home Run/Stolen Base Combo (1 Max per player)10
1st Hit (1 Max per player)5
Inning Pitched4.2
Strike Out4.5
Earned Run Allowed-4.5
Hit Against-1.2
Base on Balls Against-1.2
Hit Batsman-1.2
Complete Game5
Complete Game Shut Out5
No Hitter10

Note that hitting stats for pitchers will not count while if a hitter makes a rare pitching appearance, those stats will not be counted either.

Tips for Playing Arcade Mode

DraftKings Arcade Mode is meant for more action and higher scoring games.

The DraftKings Playbook has provided players some basic tips on how think about setting lineups.

1) Target the top of your lineups — more plate appearances means more points; it can be as simple as that.
2) Look for home run hitters — 15 points for a home run. We’ll take all of them, please.
3) Stolen bases are worth more — a stolen base is worth more than twice the rate of standing MLB scoring.
4) Power and speed bonuses are extra rewarding — find a player that can steal a base and hit a dinger and you will receive a special bonus for each player.
5) Carefully select your pitcher — only one spot is available so selecting getting a good performance from your ace can easily make the difference in your lineup.

Where Can you Find DraftKings Arcade Games?

You will be able to find DraftKings Arcade Mode contests underneath the MLB tab in the DraftKings lobby. You can find the games under the new “style” column in the lobby by looking for “Arcade.” You can also sort the Arcade contests by clicking style in the lobby. Alternatively, make a quick search for “arcade” in the lobby (although note you will bring up some “Quarter Arcade” games.

DraftKings Arcade Mode for MLB

Here’s also a look at the draft screen of a Arcade Mode contest:

DraftKings Arcade Mode roster construction