DraftKings Adds NBA Support to DK Live


With strong indications of an imminent merger between DraftKings and FanDuel, DraftKings is still busy tweaking DraftKings features, including enhancements to DraftKings’s DK Live app, which monitors scores and daily fantasy player news.

This week DraftKings introduced DK Live Basketball to the popular iOS Mobile App. With the launch, Players will now have access to all the features of DK Live for NBA news, updates and player information.

In addition to NBA updates, the app also provides NFL support.

What is DK Live?

DK Live is an mobile app that allows sports fans and daily fantasy sports players to keep track of their favorite sports and relevant daily fantasy players.

The DK Live app is not to be confused with the standard DraftKings mobile app, which allows you to set lineups, make deposits/withdrawals and perform other DraftKings functions. In fact, you can do very little DraftKings daily fantasy functions with DK Live, except keep track of DraftKings players within your lineup.

The app instead is a hub for a variety of news related to the players and sports are you most interested in. The app will provide you with customized highlights, play by play updates, breaking news and more. This is what the app looks like from the homescreen.


Breaking Down the DK Live Interface

DK Live is a pretty clean interface. And even though DK Live doesn’t provide the direct daily fantasy sports experience, there is plenty to like about the app.

The main parts of the DK Live app are:

News: Featured news combined with the latest breaking from around the league. From this section, you will also be able to monitor the last video that DraftKings TV has released.

Fantasy: This section will list the top daily fantasy players by most points scored. On the “Fantasy Plays” tab within this section, you can find the most players by slate.


Scores: Scores will provide you with live results from all the current day’s action as well as previous days. Click on a specific game to be given a live play by play as well as box score.


DraftKings: This tab links to directly to the DraftKings mobile app where you can monitor your team

Arguably the most useful part about DK Live is that you can customize the news and filter based on players that are in your daily fantasy lineups.

This can be done from the News and Fantasy sections of the app. When in these sections, you can turn on “My Players” from the upper right to display only players from your DraftKings lineups automatically.


How to Get Started with DK Live

The DK Live app is currently only available for iOS at this time. The app can be downloaded to your iPhone and iPad, however the app will only be native to iPhones.

To get started, search for “DK Live” in the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to add your DraftKings account for a more intuitive experience. If you are interested in news that pertains to your lineups, be sure to enable this feature. Otherwise the app will serve mostly as a news and scores source.

Whether you will need this app depends on your specific needs. If all you care about is monitoring your daily fantasy lineups and results, you’re better off just using the DraftKings mobile app. This is especially true if you want to set lineups, join contests, make deposits and other DFS functions. If you want a more general tool that puts information behind the stats and scores, DK Live is definitely worth a download. This is especially true if you have just a couple lineups and use the My Players function to monitor activity.