Draft Kings Boosts Staff with PlayBook Expansion


If you love fantasy sports and live in the Boston area, you may have a chance to join the expanding staff at DraftKings. Originally reported on betaBoston, which is a subsidiary of the Boston Globe, comes news that DraftKings staff numbers are increasing, this time from the content arm of the company. Playbook, a sports informational website launched by DraftKings now boosts a staff of 25, up from a humble staff of two from their launch just six months ago.

DraftKings’ employs over 130 employees as of December of 2014, but is likely closer to 200 today. DraftKings has also received hundreds of millions in funding over the last couple years, so DraftKings jobs are likely to increase.

Playbook, a Compliment to DraftKings

Playbook, which is available at playbook.draftkings.com, has a goal of providing daily fantasy sports information from a variety of sports including the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA and NHL. They provide their readers a selection of different types of content including tips, hints and cheatsheets on daily fantasy sports as well as provide general information and news from around the sports world. FanDuel runs a similar site with their FanDuel Insider.

Many of the types of articles featured on the Playbook are available on more established sports websites such as ESPN, Yahoo and Rotowire. Their presentation of info-tainment is reminiscent of Buzzfeed, which has proven to be a good recipe for the types of content that users will want to share on social networks.

“By offering articles related to daily fantasy sports and other content, DraftKings takes a step toward making their site look aesthetically more like CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo, and less like the sports books,” said Mark Edelman, a gaming law specialist at Baruch College.

DraftKings is using the new content strategy as a way to acquire customers, who spend an average of 4 to 5 hours a week on the DraftKings website. Fantasy sports fans who are looking for information may stumble to the website through Google News or through other internet searches. Those looking for videos related to daily fantasy sports might find the DraftKings TV channel on Youtube.

Playbook Aims to Satisfy Appetite for Content

Not only is DraftKings providing useful content for daily fantasy sports users, but once on Playbook, DraftKings can then more easily convert them to their daily fantasy sports products. DraftKings co-founder Mathew Kalish told beta Boston, “our players want and need this content anyway, so why shouldn’t they expect it from us?”

Andy Billings, who studied the fantasy sports industry while at the University of Alabama, says DraftKings has grander plans than just offering daily fantasy sports games. “They are trying to establish themselves as a brand that goes beyond fantasy. They want to be a place for one-stop shopping for the sports fan.”

The strategy appears to be working thus far. According to the report, average page views are up 52% since a redesign in March and players are spending 152% more time on the site.