Did You Know Daily Fantasy Existed for These Sports?


Daily fantasy sports are one of the hottest trends on the internet, at least for the likes of major sports like football, baseball, and others. But did you know you could play DFS in these sports?

Pro wrestling

Yes, it’s fake. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do DFS for it, right?

A fantasy sports site dedicated to combat sports, called Kountermove, is generally dedicated to mixed martial arts (namely the UFC) and boxing. But earlier this year they rolled out contests based on pro wrestling, specifically the WWE.

It’s pretty simple. You draft a lineup of wrestlers, and you get points based on their performance, including for near-falls, big moves, and, of course, actually winning the contest.

There are no active contests at the moment, but contests are usually based on pay-per-view events. We’re not sure if they are dedicated to the product moving forward, but keep an eye out…if you’re interested in wagering on the outcome of WWE matches.

See the rules at Kountermove.com.

Kountermove also sometimes offers contests based on jiu-jitsu or kickboxing competitions, among other sports.


Here at DFS.codes, we’ve never watched a cricket test. But having some money on the outcome via daily fantasy sports might be enough to change that for us. The appropriately named website Daily Fantasy Cricket has all the action.

There are dozens of ways to score points in fantasy cricket, which would probably make more sense to us if we knew more about the sport. You get points for runs, ducks, wicket hauls, and much more. With all these interesting names for events in a game, it feels like we ought to be checking it out.

Contests range from free to $100.

We also understand that cricket contests can be really long. So having a rooting interest via DFS seems like a great idea.


There are two major sites that offer DFS for eSports — aka video games. Vulcun and AlphaDraft launched earlier this year, and both are growing at a rapid rate, with millions of dollars in prizes set to be handed out this year.

The DFS contests are based around team-based championship competitions for a variety of games — such as League of Legends, CounterStrike, and DOTA 2, for example.

You draft a team of eSports players, and based on their performance in the contest, you receive fantasy points.

Anyone who loves watching video games online — and there are tens of millions of viewers worldwide — would probably enjoy having a little rooting interest involving money.

Horse racing

Given that horse racing is already a sport that is driven entirely by betting, it’s perhaps no surprise that DFS based on the sport started cropping up.

In specific, there is a game where you can pick jockeys — who usually ride several mounts each day — at RaceTrackWarriors. You rack up points when your jockey is in the win, place or show positions.

We’re not sure how popular daily fantasy horse racing will be in the long-term, but it has a chance to engage fans in a different way.


OK, this one isn’t daily. But it’s so weird we just had to throw it in there, and maybe it will go daily in the future. You can play contests based on the Iditarod. Yep, the dog-sledding race in Alaska. Check it out here.

Photo by Simon under license CC BY 2.0.