Details of DraftKings EuroLeague Contests

DraftKings EuroLeague Contests Introduced

In an expansion of its daily fantasy basketball selection as well as efforts to appeal to European DFS fans, DraftKings introduced new EuroLeague basketball contests in November 2017. The contests, which can be played in all of DraftKings standard contest formats, is available to participants in most countries.

In adding EuroLeague contests, DraftKings gives DFS fans the opportunity to play daily fantasy basketball for NBA, WNBA and now the EL.

DraftKings thinks that fans of the NBA will gravitate towards these contests, nothing that over 50 players in the league have NBA experience. Plus quarters are only 10 minutes long and you can even play these contests while you wait for NBA contests to begin.

DraftKings Turkish Airlines Euroleague Rules and Scoring

To draft a DraftKings Euroleague lineup, you will need to select two guard positions, three forward positions and a utility position.

DraftKings players will be required to stay under a salary cap of $50,000 when setting lineups.

You will accrue points in these contests through the following stats:

DraftKings European League Scoring
3 Point Shot0.50
Double Double1.5 (1 max per player)
Triple Double 3 (1 max per player)

Note that drafted players can not be swapped out once that player’s game has started.

Where to Find DraftKings European League Contests

DraftKings European League contests are open to most DraftKings customers including those from the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Austraia.

These contests, which are held Thursdays and Fridays can be found through on the “EL” tab in the DraftKings lobby. Tournaments, leagues, head to head, multipliers and 50/50s are among the contests types available through DraftKings.

You can play DraftKings EuroLeague contests are available in Casual, Private “Leagues” or DraftKings Classic.