Daily Fantasy Contests Continue Through 2017 NFL Playoffs

Even though the 2016 NFL season is over, there are still a few weeks of daily fantasy football to enjoy. It’s not exactly the same experience, but it is still definitely worth playing if you love daily fantasy sports and strive to make your Sundays (and Saturdays) more fun and interesting.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect through January and how these contests are different than standard daily fantasy football contests.

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Notable Differences Between Daily Fantasy Playoff Contests and Regular DFS

1) Fewer games in the slate — During the NFL season there are 13 to 16 games in each slate. During the NFL playoffs, there are four games for the main slates (all Saturday and Sunday games). There are even fewer games for other slates. Both DraftKings and FanDuel offers the following slates during the Wild Card and Division Round of the playoffs:

Main slate (4 games)
Saturday only slate (2 games)
Late Saturday-Sunday (3 games)
Sunday Only slate (2 games)

During Championship weekend, there is only one slate for both games. Daily fantasy rules prohibit NFL contests running with just a single game on the slate.

2) Less room for error — Fewer slates obviously means fewer players. You’ll find it’s “easier” to pick lineups because of the quantity of players but it also means your opponents are much more likely to share the same players as you. This means if you happen to miss a high scoring pick for your contest, you’re going to have a harder time making it up elsewhere. Usually you will need to pick the biggest stars because they can single handedly affect the performance of your team. This is especially true for the 2 and 3 game slates.

3) The weather is even colder — Sure, games in November and December can be plenty cold, but you can almost be assured of the fact throughout January. The ball is likely to be thrown less, making running backs can be more valuable in these circumstances in open-air stadiums.

4) Smaller prize pools — You may have noticed that as the NFL season went on, that prize pools for the most popular contests came down. That continues through the playoffs. DraftKings top contest during the NFL playoffs is the $2 Million Quarter Millionaire (replacing the Millionaire Maker). FanDuel is offering the $500k Wildcard Wildcat with $100k going to first. These prize pools are nothing to sneeze at, just don’t count on becoming a millionaire during the NFL playoffs.

Where to Find Daily Fantasy Playoff Contests

All the top DFS sites are offering daily fantasy contests during Wild Card weekend. As mentioned, DraftKings and FanDuel continue to offer the same contest types that they do every week. The main difference is that fewer people are playing so the prize pools are smaller.

The next tier of DFS sites — Yahoo Daily Fantasy, FantasyDraft and FantasyAces are also offering their own playoff contests. Prize pools for these sites are also lower. The Yahoo Baller is $75k this week while the FantasyDraft Run and Gun is $25,000. FantasyAces is offering a $10,000 Wild Card playoff.

In addition to guaranteed prize pool tournaments, you’ll also be able to find the same selection of heads-up, 50/50s, multipliers and leagues.