Daily Fantasy Baseball Changes for 2018

DFS baseball changes for 2018

Thursday is argubly the best day of the year for many fans — yes, Opening Day. The first day of the season is not only hopefull for all of our teams, but also a great opportunity to review what has changed since last season at some of the top daily fantasy baseball sites.

Some of you may skip out on DFS after the football season. Here we take a look at what you can expect as you head into the new season.


Contests: The world’s largest DFS site is back with some large guarantees including a $500,000 Season Opener with a $20 buy-in. High guaranteed tournaments at DraftKings also include the $300k MLB Perfect Game ($333 buy-in), the $150k Moonshot ($3) and the MLB $125k First Pitch ($5 buy-in). Look for these prize pools come down a bit as the season progresses, but DraftKings will clearly be offering some nice prize pools to start things off.

New Games: New for this year is DraftKings single-game Showdown contests, originally released during the NFL Playoffs earlier this year. Since last Opening Day, DraftKings has also introduced Arcade Mode and Pick’em Contests that you will want to check out.

ScoringThere are no changes to DraftKings MLB scoring for “classic” contests during 2018.

Promotions: DraftKings is celebrating the launch of the new season with “Big League Achievements,” rewards for completing MLB-themed tasks on DraftKings. Complete 11 types of tasks within a variety of levels. FPPs are awarded for completing an achievement within each level with the number of FPPs earned increasing as you move up in levels.

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Contests: Still a force to be reckoned with, FanDuel is offering comparable guaranteed prize pools to DraftKings. Their featured contest on Opening Day is the $9 buy-in MLB RIDICULOUS Rally with $400k guaranteed and $100k going to first place. Other top guaranteed tournaments include the $150 MLB Monster ($444 buy-in) as well as the $100k MLB Grand Slam with a $33 buy-in.

New Games: For his year are FanDuel Single Game contests, consisting of a 5-man roster with an MVP. Also introduced for the NBA and now extended for MLB are FanDuel Beat the Score contests, which pay a flat prize to all players who reach the score threshold.

Scoring: Like DraftKings, FanDuel has not made any changes to their scoring schedule, which underwent an overhaul last year. However, FanDuel has changed their roster positions slightly, merging the catcher and first baseman positions while adding a utility position.

Promotions: In addition to the larger guaranteed tournaments, FanDuel will also be offering a variety of Challenges entered around the entering of contests and being awarded FPPs. We’d expect more MLB-themed promotions after the start of the season.

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