What You Need to Know About DraftKings Player Rewards Freerolls


DraftKings has never been a haven for players who like to play freerolls. That is, not until DraftKings released their new Players Rewards Club. Now players can qualify for them every month for up to $150k in entries.

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What are DraftKings Freerolls?

Most daily fantasy contests require real money to enter. You buy-in to a contest and most of the money used to enter the contest goes into a prize pool with a small amount going to the rake. With freerolls, you enter a real money contest without actually buying into the contest but real money cash prizes are awarded.

Now before we explain the new Players Club freerolls, its important to note that these freerolls aren’t entirely “free.” You can’t sign-up for an account one day and start playing freerolls the next day. If that is the type of freeroll you are looking for, you’ll want to check out our guide on finding DraftKings freerolls.

Unlike these small freerolls, Players Rewards Club freerolls require a bit of effort to qualify for them even if an an actual buy-in is not needed. But the payoff is much greater for these freerolls than the small daily ticket freerolls that all players can enter on DraftKings (with many giving away a relatively paltry $10). On the other hand, the Players Rewards Club freerolls give away up to $150,000 in prize polls every month with the specific freeroll that you qualify for depending on the VIP status that you achieve.

Qualifying for DraftKings Player Rewards Freerolls

With Player Rewards freerolls, players can achieve one of four status levels by accumulating Frequent Player Points (or FPPs). These points are earned when playing at real money contests on DraftKings. Figuring out how many FPPs you earn when entering a contests is very easy: 1 FPP for each $1 of contest entries. This means if you enter a $20 contest, you will earn 20 FPPs.

Once you have earned a certain number of FPPs during one month and you will be invited to participate in a Player Rewards freeroll contest, which is held at the beginning of the next month. You will receive entry only for the Players Club tier which you have qualified for and NOT multiple freerolls.

VIP Status Level Freerolls are below. The lowest status level, Bronze, requires players accumulate 1,000 FPPs during the month. This is the equivalent of entering $1,000 in contests (i.e. 100 $10 contests). The more FPPs you accumulate, the larger your benefits.

DraftKings Players Rewards VIP Club
Level Contest FPPs Required Entry Fees Rake (Approximate)
Bronze $10k GTD 1,000 $1,000 $100
Silver $25k GTD 2,500 $2,500 $250
Gold $100k GTD 5,000 $5,000 $500
Platinum $100k GTD + $50k GTD 20,000 $20,000 $2,000

FPPs are not cumulative so if you want to qualify for the next month, you will have to earn your points again to qualify.

Your Player Rewards freeroll ticket will be awarded on the first business day of the next month. Make sure to enter and set your lineups in the freeroll to pariticipate. DraftKings will remind players that they have qualified for the freeroll. You will also receive weekly updates on the status of your Players Club level.

Should you Participate?

If you qualify for a Player Rewards freeroll, you should absolutely participate. At the time of this writing, there is no indication of the overlay value from these freerolls because we don’t know how many players will enter these contests.

With that said, frequent player points are not spent when you play in the Players Club freerolls, meaning you can still use the points towards the DraftKings store. What this means is that there is no downside to playing these contests once you have qualified for them even if they are for sports that you do not usually play daily fantasy sports.

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