A Closer Look at DraftKings Daily Missions


When DraftKings released their new VIP program, Player Rewards, the way FPPs earned also changed. It is now more difficult to earn FPPs, but with that change also came some positives that contribute to the value that players receive when playing on DraftKings. One of the more notable components of the new Player Rewards Program are what DraftKings refers to as Daily Missions.

When Daily Missions were unveiled we didn’t know a lot about them. We knew the concept, but we didn’t know the type of return that players would start to receive from DraftKings’ new Missions.

So do the new Daily Missions make up the missing value “>that players have seen since the reduction in the rate of FPP earn rates?

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What are Daily Missions?

Before we get into the specifics of what Daily Missions look like so far, let’s take a look at what Daily Missions actually are.

Daily Missions are a component of the VIP program that DraftKings has added to engage players with DraftKings and make playing on the site more rewarding. Each day DraftKings posts a “Mission” on the site that will reward players for completing a certain task, like entering a contest or submitting a certain number of lineups.

If you meet the terms of the Mission within the designated time (usually before 10:30 PM ET), you will receive a reward directly to your account by 11 AM the next business day (except for weekend Missions, which are awarded on the following Monday).

Daily Missions most often reward players with Frequent Player Points, which can in turn be used to purchase contest entries or merchandise in the store. DraftKings FPPs are worth approximately $0.0018 per FPP.

You can find DraftKings Daily Missions from your account. They can be located as one of the featured promotions in the lobby or in the drop-down box under “Promotions.”

If you happen to complete a Mission but do not receive your reward, be sure to contact support@draftkings.com.

Are Daily Missions Worth It?

First of all, because the specific Mission will depend on the day, we can’t pin down an exact value from Daily Missions. With that said, players should expect relatively consistent returns — on average — on their DFS dollar when participating in Missions. No matter how you feel about this component of the Players Reward program, finding Missions are just a click or two away, so it doesn’t hurt to check out what is being offered for the day.

Here are some examples of some Daily Missions we have seen thus far:

Enter 3 different lineups (min $3) into PGA contests — Receive 100 FPPs. In this Mission, you need to enter at least $9 in contests (with approximately $0.90 in fees) to receive 100 FPPs, which are worth about $0.18 (or the equivalent of 20% of your fee back).

Play a $3 GPP, receive 100 FPPs — In this case, you are paying approximately $0.30 in buy-in fees to receive 100 FPPs, which is more than 50% of the amount paid in fees.

When you are given a choice of which contest to enter, the smaller the contest you decide to enter, the better your overall return will be (at least in terms of value). Of course, you need to also consider your upside in these contests when considering your overall value.

If there is one takeaway from DraftKings Daily Missions is that will not make or break you as a daily fantasy player. On the other hand, any reward helps and can add up over time. Some players have complained about Daily Missions forcing you to play games you wouldn’t otherwise play. Obviously, don’t play a contest just because a promotion is offered but if you are playing on DraftKings anyway, check out the mission for the day and see if you can get something extra for your play.