A Look At DraftKings And FanDuel “World Championship” NFL Events

Fantasy Football World Championships

DraftKings and FanDuel continue to battle for the title of best daily fantasy sports and one area where that rivalry is front and center are the DFS sites championship fantasy football events.

Like previous years, both DFS sites are offering championships contests in mid-December, the DraftKings FFWC and the FanDuel WFFC. Often the culmination of the daily fantasy football season, these events offer DFS players a chance at a big score and some bragging rights among other DFS players and friends.

The fantasy football championships for both sites run on the same weekend — December 14th-December 16th — and provide some huge potential paydays. The good news is that players can participate in the qualification of both championships although if you qualify for both of the live finals — not a bad problem to have — you will need to pick a single location.

Although we always say a DFS player should have accounts at both sites, the FFWC at DraftKings offers the highest prizes and the most qualifiers. FanDuel’s WFFC Live Final prize pools come up short to DraftKings but the DFS site makes up for it by offering a $4 million guaranteed Fan Championship, which is offered as part of the WFFC.

In this post, we take a look at what the top DFS sites are offering in their championship events, which are summarized below:

Fantasy Football Live Championships
NameFantasy Football World Championship (FFWC)World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC)
WhenDecember 16thDecember 14th-December 16th
WhereFt. LauderdaleNew York City
Total Prizes$10 Million$2 Million (another $4 million is part of the Fan Championship, also on December 16th)
Top Prize$2 Million$500,000 (another $1 million for the Fan Championship)
# of Qualifiers to Live Final18075
Qualifiers Qualify through Week 14Qualify through Week 14

DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship

Held this year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the Fantasy Football World Championship (also known simply as “FFWC”) is the biggest live event in fantasy sports. Players can qualify for the event during the first 14 weeks of the NFL season. A total of 180 qualifiers will earn the right to join the part in Fort Lauderdale.

The final is held on December 16th, which is Week 15 of the NFL season.

All players that qualify will receive at least $15,000 in prizes, plus a package for a four-night stay that includes an extra $1,000 for airfare and any transfers. Top prize will receive $2 million while 2nd place will take home $1,000,000.

DraftKings FFWC Prizes
1st$2 Million
2nd$1 Million


To qualify for the final, you must win a NFL 2018 $10M FFWC Contest Ticket through a weekly MEGAQUALIFIER final which requires a $5,425 entry. Of course, not everyone has or wants to spend over $5,000 to play a single DFS contest. Fortunately, the path for most players will be through satellites starting at just $0.25.

Search for “FFWC” contests in the lobby and find a buy-in that is comfortable for you.

Each week, DraftKings will award up to 15 tickets to the live final.

FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship

Up a couple thousand miles north in New York City is the site of the World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC) Live Final, held Week 15th of the NFL season from December 14th to December 16th. Like DraftKings, FanDuel players can qualify during the first 14 weeks of the NFL season. A total of 75 qualifiers will duke it out over the $2 million prize pool during the FanDuel WFFC Live final.

Fan Championship

This year, FanDuel is doing things a bit differently than DraftKings by adding a second championship contest. Instead of a single championship, FanDuel is dividing their World Fantasy Football Championship into two: a $2 million Live Final and a $4 million FanDuel Fan Championship held on online. Although anybody can qualify for either championship, the Live Final is designed for more of the hardcore DFS player while the Fan Championship is for everybody, including more recreational players.

A total of 18,181 spots are available in the Fan Championship with $1 million going to first place with the top 3,465 places winning a prize of at least $400.

Qualify for the Fan Championship

After December 10th, FanDuel users will be able to enter direct qualifiers for $250. Until then, players can enter satellites with buy-ins ranging from $0.25 to $25. Find these contests under the “satellites and qualifiers” section of the FanDuel lobby.

Details of the Live Final

Players qualifying for the FanDuel Live Final will be guaranteed at least $8,000> with a package that includes the following: a trip for two to NYC and the WFFC Live Final Viewing party on December 16th. In addition, players will get an entry into the Fan Championship, $100 in FanDuel sportsbook bet credit, entry into the $50,000 Single-Game Championship and VIP tickets to the HOU vs NYJ game among other prizes.

FanDuel WFFC Live Prizes

Qualify for the Live Final

FanDuel users can directly qualify for the WFFC Live Final by entering weekly “Qualifier” contests at various buy-in levels: $155, $840, $2,800 and $5,000. One ticket to the final will be awarded in each contest.

In addition to these direct qualifiers, players can enter satellites that start at $0.05 up to $88 with tickets to larger satellites or qualifiers awarded. These contest can be found under the “satellites and qualifiers” at FanDuel.

Here’s a look at what a FanDuel Live Final has looked like in previous years: