Quick Facts of the DraftKings Flash Bonus Blitz


DraftKings is putting a renewed focus on extra value contests of late. Players only have to look at the Free Contest Arcade as an example that. But it’s easy to see the value in freerolls, but there are other high valued contests that don’t get their due — the money added contest. Enter the DraftKings Flash Bonus Blitz, among the best value on DraftKings.

The Flash Bonus Blitz was one of the many perks introduced as part of the revamped DraftKings VIP program. Fortunately, even though these contests are open to all players — regardless of your VIP status. If you play a lot on DraftKings, your bankroll will really benefit from playing them.

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What is the DraftKings Flash Bonus Blitz?

DraftKings Flash Bonus Blitz is held every Saturday and awards $10,000 in extra prizes for the contests. The Flash Bonus events will usually give away tickets to other events (often to other sports), but will also add cash to contests as well.

As the name suggests, a money-added event is a contest where extra prizes are given on top of the regular prize pool. These contests are beneficial to players because of the overlay. And the extra value that comes from the overlay essentially lowers the effective daily fantasy rake that a player has to pay.

How do you figure out an overlay in an added-money contest? It’s not as easy as calculating the overlay in a freeroll (prize pool divided by the number of players entering), it’s still quite simple.

The basic formula is: Money Added/Players entering the contest. For example, if DraftKings offers a $500 money-added contest where 400 players, the value for each player is $1.25 ($500/400). In a $10 contest, this can be a pretty big deal since the rake is not usually at those levels. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it can really add up over time when playing many contests.

Where to find Flash Bonus Blitz Contests?

The easiest way to find Flash Bonus Blitz contests is by going to the promotion page on Saturday at DraftKings.com. There will you find a list of contests that are currently live to join. They will also be designated by a Flash icon in the lobby and are occasionally posted on DraftKings Facebook page.


Players are cautioned to continuously check the Flash Bonus Blitz page to make sure they don’t miss contests that are added.