Analyzing the DraftKings VIP Store


In our series on the new DraftKings Player Rewards program, we take a look at the changes effect on the VIP Store and the value players can expect.

Unlike the points earned to achieve VIP status levels (and to qualify for VIP freerolls), when you use FPPs in the VIP store they are spent and can’t be reused.

The VIP store is the most consistent reward available in the Players Rewards Program, meaning we can measure the exact value that you can consistently achieve through the store. This is contrast to the VIP freerolls which have higher variance due to the rate at which you place in the contests as well as the number of players who qualify. Daily Missions are also not easily measured do the inconsistency of what is offered each day.

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How to Earn FPPs

Frequent Player Points are earned when playing real money contests at a rate of 1 FPP per $1 in buy-in. This means if entering a $10 contest, you will earn 10 FPPs.

The FPPs you earn during the month determine your monthly VIP status. You can also exchange your earned FPPs in the VIP store.

Value of FPPs

FPPs are worth approximately $0.001818 per FPP with slight differences in value depending on what you purchase. Because you earn 1 per $1 in buy-in, you will earn approximately 1.8% of your buy-in fee back when you use them towards the store. This is not a lot but can really add when are playing a lot of contests.

As a real world example, if you enter 100 $10 contests, you would earn about $1.80 in FPPs.

What You Can Find in the DraftKings VIP Store

You will notice that DraftKings has four categories of items in the store: VIP experiences, Contests Tickets, Apparel and Merchandise.

VIP Experiences – The items available in this section of the store includes high value “experiences” such as tickets to games. This section is not always stocked.

Contest Entries – Contest entries are tickets to real money contests at DraftKings. It is the best way to turn your FPPs into cash. DraftKings has a large selection of tickets, so you’ll always be able to buy a ticket for your favorite contests. Tickets start at $0.25 and move up to $5300. All the tickets are worth $0.001818 per FPP, except the $0.25 contest ticket, which is worth $0.001667 per FPP.


Apparel – DraftKings offers a large selection of DraftKings branded apparel including t-shirts, socks, hats, sweatshirts and coats. The value you can get when using FPPs on apparel is a bit subjective given that the value of the items is whatever DraftKings says they are worth. But we can get a bit of an idea based on fact you can also buy the same merchandise for cash via Paypal. Generally speaking, players can exchange their points for anywhere from $0.0018 to $0.001836 depending on the item.


Merchandise – Like the apparel, all of the items in the Merchandise section of the DraftKings Store has a DraftKings logo somewhere on the item. Players can use their FPPs to purchase everything from golf balls to money clips to hot sauce. Using the DraftKings listed prices (you can also buy these items for cash), you will get anywhere from $0.0018 to $0.00185 for your points.


To get to the DraftKings VIP store, you will need to go to your account click the drop-down box and then select “VIP Store.”