Monitoring the Weather on DraftKings and FanDuel


Game suspended! As a daily fantasy baseball player there is nothing worse than a couple of players in your lineup neutralized because of a suspended game due to rain. It’s frustrating and it happens to the best of us, but there are relatively easy ways to minimize your risk.

There are plenty of baseball weather tips out there for managing the weather in daily fantasy baseball contests, but the way to minimize your number of suspended games is to simply look at the weather to avoid the situation in the first place.

Luckily, some daily fantasy baseball sites make that easier by giving us a way to look at the weather right from the site.

Lets take a look at how to find these weather reports on each of the respective sites.

Weather Info Interfaces


DraftKings emphasizes simplicity with their weather forecast. Upon entering a contest, you will see the weather information included with the list of games on the slate.


Among the icons listed are rain, sunny, party cloudy and dome game/status of the roof (if retractable). You can hover your mouse over the weather icon to get a brief description of the weather.

Unfortunately, detailed information is scarified for convenience and ease of use. The chance and duration of precipitation is not detailed in the weather report at DrafKings, which is a vital information to have. If you see rain in the FanDuel forecast, you’ll want to use another source to confirm its not anything you need to worry about.


Once you click to enter a contest on FanDuel, you are brought to the screen to draft your lineup. Among the features on this page, you will see an icon for “Weather Info.”


Unlike DraftKings, weather isn’t available right on the page, but when clicking on “Weather Info” you will be directed to a page that provides unquestionably more detail than DraftKings does.

Here is the Weather Forecast page for upcoming games as part of the slate.


Not only are precipitation forecasts included which detail the chance of rain for each hour during the game, but you can also get wind and temperature forecasts. This is nice to know, but probably shouldn’t impact your lineups much due to the difficulty in qualifying this information.

Tip: Open up the Weather Info on a new page or info to have it handy while you are setting your lineups.

Final Thoughts

A game that is rained out can devastate your lineup, especially if you have multiple players in the same game. Avoid adding players to your lineup if extended rain is possible.

This information is readily available at FanDuel, while at DraftKings you have to search around a bit more if rain is the forecast, but nothing that is too inconvenience.

These tools are easily available so make sure you are at least glancing at these tools when setting your lineups — your bankroll will appreciate it. Be sure to check out additional daily fantasy baseball weather tips to further minimize your risk.