FanDuel Adds Extra Money to Happy Hour Events


One of the best ways to play daily fantasy sports is when the daily fantasy sports site gives away free money. Enter FanDuel’s money-added Happy Hour contests. Find one of these tournaments in the lobby and receive anywhere from an extra $1,000 in cash to a ticket in to a future tournament.

Fans of FanDuel can take advantage of Happy Hour each week from Monday through Friday between 4 PM and 6 PM ET. Previously, players had to keep checking for the Happy Hour tournament in the lobby. Now Happy Hour tournaments will be available to join during the posted times. So if you are a fan of the FanDuel daily fantasy sports contests, make sure to keep an eye on the lobby and check back often.

Where to Find the FanDuel Happy Hour Contests?

You can find the contests by looking in the FanDuel lobby for “Happy Hour” in the name. The best way to find these contests is to search for “happy” in the search bar and FanDuel will display the contests that are available for players to join.

We found a recent Happy Hour contest by using the site’s search:


The contest was a $10+1 tournament that gave away 475 Super Rally Tickets to virtually every player, each worth $5.


Why Should You Care about Happy Hours

If you play a lot of daily fantasy sports, the extra value that is provided in Happy Hours contests can really add up. If the question is between playing a regular tournament or one that adds extra value, why not go with the one where you get a bit extra for your DFS dollar?

The extra value given to players is called an overlay. If you join a contest where FanDuel is giving away $1000 and 500 people enter, you are essentially being given $2 in value to play that tournament. Regardless of whether that tournament has a $10 or $100 buy-in, you are essentially given a discount on your play, oftentimes eliminating the rake that you pay on the contest.

Only $2 here or there might not seem like a lot, but when you playing every day, you might be surprised just how much you save.