Comparing Guaranteed Prize Pools at DraftKings and FanDuel


Deciding where to play daily fantasy sports is usually a decision between DraftKings vs FanDuel. FanDuel is still the largest DFS site around, but both sites are solid enough that you should have an account at both if you are serious about daily fantasy sports.

For one day, we wanted to take a quick unscientific look at who had the largest guaranteed prize pools (GPPs) during a typical “slow” summer’s day when mostly Major League Baseball contests were running at both sites. Let’s see how each site’s guaranteed prize pool tournaments shaped up when looking at each site’s evening MLB contests on June 4th.

Top Tournaments at FanDuel and DraftKings

On June 4th, FanDuel’s top tournament was the $125,000 Grand Slam with a $25 buy-in, while DraftKings top contest was the Summer Game4 MLB contest, running with a $150k guaranteed prize pool.

In today’s comparison, DraftKings came out on top with $546,000 in guaranteed prizes with their top 10 tournaments, while FanDuel gave away $476,000 in guaranteed tournaments in their top guaranteed tournaments.

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DraftKings Top MLB GPP Tournaments – June 4th

These were the top tournaments for the afternoon and evening MLB action at DraftKings.

DraftKings Top MLB Guaranteed Contests – June 4th (Late Games)
Contest Buy-in Prize Pool
Summer Game4: MLB $150k Summer Games Special $20 $150,000
MLB $100k Perfect Game $300 $100,000
MLB $70k MoonShot $3 $70,000
$4 Million Baseball World Championship Qualifier $1,000 $57,000
MLB $50k Gold Glove $1,060 $50,000
MLB Massive $50 Double Up ($40,000 Guaranteed) $$50 $40,000
MLB $35k Hot Corner $9 $35,000
MLB Massive $5 Double Up ($20,000 Guaranteed) $5 $20,000
MLB Giant $10 Double Up ($12,000 Guaranteed) $10 $12,000
MLB Giant $25 Double Up ($12,000 Guaranteed) $25 $12,000
Total $546,000

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FanDuel Top MLB GPP Tournaments – June 4th

FanDuel’s MLB guaranteed prize pool tournaments were quite similar with the following available to join on June 4th.

FanDuel Top MLB Guaranteed Contests – June 4th (Late Games)
Contest Buy-in Prize Pool
$125,000 Grand Slam $25 $125,000
$100,000 Thursday Monster $300 $100,000
$75k Thu MLB Rally $5 $75,000
$50k Thu MLB Slugger $1,065 $40,000
$4 Million World Fantasy Baseball Championship $200 $48,444
$20k MLB Big Double Up $10 $20,000
$20 Thu MLB BIG Double Up ($5) $5 $20,000
$20k Thu MLB BIG Double Up ($25) $25 $20,000
$15k Thu MLB Sac Fly $1 $15,000
$13k Thu MLB Home Run $100 $13,000
Total $476,444

How do FanDuel and DraftKings Compare?

The most interesting conclusion from our small sample is that DraftKings is not only very competitive against FanDuel when it comes to guaranteed prize pool tournaments, but eclipsing them — at least on this day.

DraftKings’ performance was aided by the launch of the $3.6 Million Summer Games promo that launched today, which is giving away $3.6 million in five summer sports (NASCAR, Soccer, MLB, Golf and UFC over 12 days of contests.

It should be noted that DraftKings’s mid-tier guaranteed tournaments were dominated by large double-up guaranteed tournaments, comprising 4 of the top 10 tournaments on this day. FanDuel, on the other hand, only had three and the guarantees were smaller. Still, it would have not been enough to make up the difference.

If you are looking for guaranteed prize pool tournaments you really can’t go wrong with either site, but ideally you have an account and funds on both so you can quickly jump on a GPP tournament of your liking.