Fantasy Feud Full Site Review and Referral Code

Fantasy Feud has been acquired by Fantasy Aces, which was purchased by FantasyDraft  in 2017. Check out our review of FantasyDraft. If you are currently looking to play DFS at another site, we recommend DraftKings.

Fantasy Feud may not be the largest DFS operator, but they are a very solid option for players looking for a smaller site to play at. The website is a little bit different than others, because it allows you to talk to other challengers, and play against them in a wide variety of fantasy game types.

Fantasy Feud not only offers daily fantasy sports, but also offer leagues that can last for up to a week. They offer season long leagues and multiple week challenges. The main rivals for Fantasy Feud are Fantasy Aces, Star Fantasy Leagues and Draft Team. Fantasy Feud is starting to gain some attention in the DFS industry. Let’s take a look at some more details surrounding!

Players located in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Vermont and Washington are not allowed to play on Fantasy Feud.

Fantasy Feud Sports Offered

Like most daily fantasy sports websites, Fantasy Feud offers contests in all the major sports. They have had a great run this summer with Major League Baseball, and expect to grab a ton of new customers during the upcoming NFL season. The National Basketball Association and National Hockey League are also popular games at Fantasy Feud as well. Lastly, they have started to dip into college sports, with basketball and football, and of course have been offering big games for PGA Tour events.


Fantasy Feud Contests and Prize Pools

Many people love the game offerings at Fantasy Feud. They offer several types of games:

  • Salary Cap – This is the most popular type of game, and also the game you will find at every daily fantasy sports website. Basically, you have to fill out your roster, and keep it under whatever salary cap the website has given you. For example, in the NBA at Fantasy Feud, you must get 3 guards, 3 forwards, 2 centers and 2 flex spots, and you have $1,000,000 to use. Players are priced based on their performance in the league.
  • Snake Draft – When you do snake drafts, you are picking players, and there is no salary cap. If you are doing a 2 player snake draft, basically once the first team has picked, the next player gets two picks. You cannot pick the same players, once they have been picked, they are gone. This is the way many season long drafts work and is becoming a growing fad in the world of daily fantasy sports.
  • Pro Pick’em – When you play in Pro Pick’em, you have 10 different groups, and each group has similar pricing. You pick one player from each group. It’s a great way to draft a team quickly.
  • Double-Up’s and 50/50’s – When you play these type of games, you are picking players under the salary cap, but half the players will win, and half will lose. You have a better chance of winning your entry fee back with these types of games.


Fantasy Feud Interface

Let’s take a look at the Fantasy Feud interface and overall website experience. Fantasy Feud has an interface that is similar to the old DraftStreet interface. It’s easy to use and takes advantage of a clean color scheme. There are several filters available within the lobby letting you really focus in on what kind of games you want.

The website at Fantasy Feud appears to be very quick and responsive. It does not feel buggy at all and seems very well “coded”. Lastly, the live game scoring is fun, because it keeps you up to date on your team.

Fantasy Feud Drafting/Scoring

Fantasy Feud is known for making it a bit more difficult when forming your roster. Their pricing structure is very competitive which prevents overlap with teams.


Scoring at Fantasy Feud is a little different then most other daily fantasy sites. But, that’s part of what makes the website great. In the NBA, the scoring system rewards for rebounds and assists higher than most places. It’s crucial that you check the details on scoring at Fantasy Feud before you jump in to a given sport.

Fantasy Feud Deposits

Depositing money into Fantasy Feud is a very simple process. They allow you to deposit through PayPal, eCheck, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. When you are ready to withdraw money from Fantasy Feud, the following options are available: PayPal or check. Checks can take up to 10 days to deliver, but likely are quicker!

Fantasy Feud Deposit Bonus

When you are ready to play your first game at Fantasy Feud, do NOT miss out on the chance to grab free money. They are offering a first time deposit bonus of 100% up to $500 if you use the referral code DFSC. What this means to you? You deposit $500 at Fantasy Feud, and they will give you an additional $500 in Bonus Dollars. The Bonus dollars will become available to you gradually, being released in small amounts for each contest you play.

Note that you need not enter a FantasyFeud Deposit Bonus Code when depositing. Simply use the referral code listed below, or click the big coupon at the top of this page, and you’ll automatically be eligible for the larger deposit bonus.

  • fantasyfeud-deposit

    Fantasy Feud Promotions

    Fantasy Feud does a great job of offering freerolls to their customers. When you play freerolls, you have a chance to win money, without paying the entry fee. They also offer a Rakeback promotion, in which helps users “move up” by playing more. Not only will you “move up”, but you will be given opportunities to get some of your money you’ve spent back.


    If those promotions are not enough for you, do not forget to check out the Fantasy Feud store. You have access to your “points” at all times. You will earn points for playing games at Fantasy Feud. The points then can get you things like free tournament tickets, or even iPod’s. Remember when online poker websites used to have stores? That’s what Fantasy Feud is offering. Play the games, and have a chance to win free game vouchers, Madden game on XBox, DVD’s and more!

    Fantasy Feud Referral Program

    Fantasy Feud offers a referral program that allows you to get all of your friends and family involved. The Fantasy Feud referral program gives all active users a “code”, in which you can share with others. If they input the code when they sign up, you will be given a free $10 once they have deposited money. Get your code now, and start spreading the word about Fantasy Feud!

    Fantasy Feud Conclusion

    The customer service at Fantasy Feud is top notch. They offer a support link and provide a phone number allowing you to talk to a customer service representative. If you do not want to talk on the phone, Fantasy Feud offers a live chat, in which you can talk to them about any question you may have!

    There is nothing more we can say about the website! It’s time to give Fantasy Feud a try for yourself. Be sure to take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus before it goes away!