DraftKings Full Site Review

DraftKings Overview

DraftKings DFS Review

DraftKings heads into the 2020 NFL season as the number one daily fantasy sports site, offering the largest selection of sports and highest guaranteed prize pools.

The DraftKings interface is as good as there is in the industry, and players will find just about any type of contest they might want to play. Big money is up for grabs every week during the NFL season and every day during the MLB, NHL, and NBA season. The site also offers a huge selection of contests for other less popular DFS sports and leagues such as golf, soccer, NASCAR, WNBA, CFL, AFL and even MMA and eSports. The DFS site can attract an above-average amount of skilled players, but DraftKings is continuing to take steps to improve play for everyone.

New players depositing to the DFS site are eligible to receive a 20% up to $500 first deposit bonus.

DraftKings is open to players in 43 states as well as Canada. Players located in the following states are not eligible to play at DraftKings at this time.

DraftKings Restricted States

DraftKings continued expansion

In addition to DraftKing’s operation in the United States, they have begun to expand internationally with the launch of DraftKings UK and DraftKings Germany, and are optimistic to go live in other European countries. Beginning in 2018, DraftKings also began to offer sports betting in some states where it is legal. So far, the DraftKings online sportsbook is available in states such as Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Visit DraftKings

New to daily fantasy sports and DraftKings? Check out the video below for some basics:

DraftKings Available Sports

Rather than asked what sports that DraftKings offers, a better question might be “Which sports doesn’t DraftKings offer?” You can join contests in many of the standard DFS sports you would expect: NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL and college sports. There are also contests available for the PGA, professional soccer, NASCAR, mixed martial arts, WNBA, AFL and CFL. No cricket…yet. If there is interest for it, that DraftKings will eventually offer support for the sport.

DraftKings also recently begun offering eSports contests and using their leverage to offer some of the largest guaranteed contests for eSports such as League of Legends. DraftKings, along with FanDuel, has stopped offering contests for college sports.

DraftKings 20% up to $500 With First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. Minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Contests and Prize Pools

There are a wide variety of contest types available in every sport, with the larger field guaranteed prize pool contests ranking as the most popular contests. Qualifier tournaments allow players to pay smaller buy-in fees to get into contests with larger buy-ins. In addition, DraftKings also offers head-to-head matches, small field non-guaranteed contests, contests where half the field gets paid, and more. DraftKings also offers play money games as well as the occasional freeroll.

You can also create your own contest in any sport that is currently active. Players will have control over when the contest takes place, contest type, whether it’s a head-to-head or a league format, public vs. private (if you want to just invite buddies to play), and the entry fee (free contests are available if you just want to play for bragging rights or to practice).

DraftKings consistently holds the largest prize pools of any DFS site. During the NFL season, DK runs guaranteed tournaments prize pools well over $1 million. The DraftKings “Fantasy Football Millionaire” contest even pays one million dollars to the winner and an overall prize pool of up to $5 million. For other sports, guarantees still reach into the mid-six figures, with half a million-dollar prize pools occasionally occurring for the NBA and MLB. Flagship events for other sports such as the NBA and MLB usually reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, there are also lots of smaller guaranteed tournaments for those with a limited bankroll (with buy-ins starting at just $0.25).

In addition to contests offered during the regular season, DraftKings also offers preseason and postseason contests including for the NFL preseason and NFL playoffs. During Super Bowl LII, DraftKings even debuted single-game Super Bowl DFS. The prize pools aren’t as large as you will find during the regular season, but don’t think for a second that the daily fantasy football is only 17 weeks.

DraftKings 20% up to $500 deposit bonus (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See the website for details. Minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Interface

The powerful DraftKings lobby is one-stop shopping for getting into any contest at the site. Filters, tabs and sortable columns make finding the contest that you want as easy as clicking a couple of buttons.

DraftKings Lobby DFS

The advanced filters give you full control over which contests you will see in the lobby, starting with a menu that allows you to view contests only associated with one league (i.e. NFL, NBA, etc.). You can also apply filters based on when a contest starts, how big the field is, and the size of the entry fee.

DraftKings restricts the use of daily fantasy tools, which make it easier to submit lineups and swap out players. Although they do not allow third-party tools, DraftKings does offer a tool of their own to upload lineups. They will be adding more tools for players in the future.

DraftKings also features its own fantasy sports news section of the site, called “The Playbook.” It includes commentary, news, daily roundups and previews, drafting strategy and more, across all of the sports offered at the site. While you can shop around the internet looking for fantasy sports advice, DraftKings makes it easy to get information without leaving the site.

DraftKings Contest Types

Clicking on tabs allow users to quickly sort through the DraftKings contests types currently being offered:

  • Featured (most notable DraftKings contests)
  • Casual – (contests available to players who have not been labeled as “experienced”
  • Tournaments/Leagues (leagues are any contest that is not guaranteed, but is not a two-player contest)
  • Head-to-head matches
  • 50-50 and Double Ups (contests where half the field is paid)
  • Multipliers (Contests where winners will receive 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x or even 40x their entry fee)
  • Satellites and Qualifiers (contests that feed into larger contests)

Once you have filters applied, you can sort contests by contest name, entries, entry fee, total prizes, and the start time and date. Contests will be grouped by buy-in to allow for easier viewing and access to the contests you want to join. All of these tools have made DraftKings the most innovative on the market in terms of user interface.

Players can join up to 50 non-guaranteed contests per buy-in level/type. These contests include head to head, 50/50s and leagues. For guaranteed tournaments, DraftKings will never let players have more than 3% of all lineups in the guaranteed contest, although some contests will have a lower cap.

The guaranteed prize pool tournaments on DraftKings is where the site gets a lot of attention, with a handful of contests eclipsing $1 million dollars in prize pools during the NFL season. Many DraftKings competitors don’t even have enough customers to offer more than one huge GPP per week. Players can also take advantage of special events including the popular FBWC, which runs every year and features millions of dollars in prize pools.

For 2016 and beyond, DraftKings is not offering League Hub but instead has introduced DraftKings Leagues as a way for players to play daily fantasy sports contests against their friends. Leagues facilitate a central hub for the league contests as well as a leaderboard.

In addition to DraftKings “Classic” contests that use traditional scoring and roster sizes, DraftKings has also recently introduced additional variety in Contest Styles, which can be filtered as you narrow down your contests.

Pick’em: Instead of drafting players by staying under a salary cap, DraftKings users instead select players via tiers.
Showdown: Showdowns are contests with only one game in the slate.
Best Ball: Lasting multiple weeks, users draft a 20-player team through a snake draft. The top scorers at each position are your starters.
In-game Showdown: Contests use the “Showdown” format for a portion of the game.
Short Slate: Available for MLB, users can create a 7-player lineup with a small group of games.
Madden Showdown Captain Mode:
Tiers</strong>: Instead of drafting players using a salary cap, simply select players among various tiers of equally valued players.
Late Swap: For certain sports, DraftKings offers Late Swap contests where users are able to change their lineup after the first games have started but where certain roster spots have not started their games. This feature is beneficial for users that don’t like the variance of a late scratch.

DraftKings 20% up to $500 with First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. A minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Review – Drafting and Scoring

While there are lots of different sports offered, drafting works uniformly throughout the website. You pick a contest, draft a team that falls under a salary cap, and play.

Here is a quick rundown of how the different sports are drafted for “Classic” contests. Salary caps for all contests are $50,000.

  • NFL: QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex (RB/WR/TE), DST (Defense/special teams)
  • CFL: QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), DST (Defense/special teams)
  • College football: QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex (RB, WR) Super Flex (QB, RB, WR)
  • AFL: 1 captain, 5 Flex
  • NBA: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, UTIL (Utility)
  • College basketball: 3 G, 3 F, 2 UTIL (G, F)
  • WNBA: 3 G, 4 F
  • NASCAR: Six-driver teams
  • MLB: P, P, C, 1B/DH, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF
  • NHL: W, W, W, C, C, D, D, UTIL, G
  • Golf (PGA): Six-player teams
  • Soccer (MLS, English Premier League and Champions League): GK, 2 D, 2 M, 2 F, FLEX (any non-goalkeeper)
  • Soccer (EL): 2 G, 3 F (F,C), 1 UTIL (G,F,C)
  • Tennis: 6 player lineups
  • Mixed martial arts: Five-fighter teams

Scoring follows industry standards for most sports, with a points-per-reception method used in NFL contests, which contrasts how FanDuel scores NFL contests.

Drafting a team is extremely easy – hitting the “+” symbol next to any player adds him to your roster. After drafting a player, the site automatically calculates how much the remaining salary cap you have left to spend and the average amount you have left to spend per empty roster spot. You can also export, import and save lineups for faster drafting.

Draft a DraftKings Lineup

DraftKings 20% up to $500 With First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. A minimum $5 deposit required.

The player list that you draft from that indicates if there is a recent news item about the player and his brief injury status (i.e. questionable, probable, etc.). Drilling into a player’s bio gives a full list of recent news and a deep well of statistics, including splits (i.e. home and away), a 10-game log, and the matchup ratings of the player’s next opponent. In sports where the weather is important (NFL, MLB) DraftKings provides weather forecasts as well. The inclusion of this game and player information saves a lot of time in creating your DraftKings lineups.

DraftKings DFS Player Info

Following the action live, which is arguably the most engaging part of DFS, is very easy with live, instantaneous scoring updates that make following your daily fantasy lineups effortless. DraftKings also offers DFS players the opportunity to make changes to their lineup up until a fantasy player’s game starts. Late swaps are not available for NBA contests, however, which differs from some other sites where full lineups are locked when the contest begins.

DraftKings 20% up to $500 with First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. A minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Arcade Mode

DraftKings Arcade Mode, which is currently available for MLB, gives DraftKings players a simplified and toned down version of daily fantasy sports. Instead of drafting a nine-man team, players draft a 6-man roster that consists of a pitcher and five hitters.

In addition, the scoring of DraftKings Arcade contests are tweaked as well. There are not only points earned for standard categories such as a hit, strikeouts and stolen bases, but players can also accumulate points for achievements such as Gland Slam Bonuses, HR/SB Combo, and Complete Games

Promotions, including leaderboards, are occasionally run for the DraftKings Arcade Mode that encourages players to participate in this unique contests.

DraftKings Leagues

Outside of public DraftKings games “DraftKings Leagues.” Introduced in late 2016, DraftKings Leagues melds the world of daily fantasy with the more social aspect aspect of traditional fantasy sports.

Any user can create a DraftKings league are able to invite their friends and other players to share in the social aspect of daily fantasy sports. Within a league — which only invited users will have access to — a commissioner can create and participate in contests as well as follow progress within the league through leaderboards. Think of DraftKings Leagues as a private lobby.

DraftKings Mobile

For those who like to do monitor your lineups everywhere, a mobile app is available for iOS and Android. The apps for both platforms are highly rated and provide DFS players with a enhanced user experience.

The presentation isn’t quite as comprehensive as the desktop version — in part by design. But it does include all of the same filters and options while letting you enter contests easily via a mobile device.

DraftKings Mobile Availability
Web browseriOS, Android availability
iOS4.8/5 Rating
Android4.7/5 Rating

A separate app, DK Live, is a general information app that allows you to keep up with the play by play in real time. The app also allows you to track players, the top scorers of the day, fantasy news and news.

DraftKings Deposits

DraftKings deposits can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted), as well as PayPal.

When it comes time to make a withdrawal, DraftKings will credit your account back with the method of your deposit up to your original deposit is made within 90 days of a deposit. Otherwise, DraftKings DFS offers the option of making your withdrawals via check or Paypal. The only requirement is that the amount withdrawn must be at least $20. DraftKings, like all daily fantasy sports sites, will issue you a 1099 form when your withdrawals exceed the amount deposited by at least $600.

DraftKings Deposits and Withdrawals
Paypal (credit card, bank transfer etc)YesYes$5/$2000*
American ExpressYesYes$5/$2000*

*For MA and MD there is a $1k/month limit, and for TN there is a $2.5k/month limit.

If you have any issues or special circumstances, contact DraftKings.

DraftKings Bonus

For a limited time, DraftKings is offering new players a 20% up to $500 DraftKings DFS bonus on a first deposit. For every $25 played in the DraftKings daily fantasy sports, you will receive $1 in bonus credited to your account. Players taking advantage of this offer must play off the bonus within 90 days.

Players may also be able to take advantage of other DraftKings sign-up bonus perks.

DraftKings 20% up to $500 Bonus (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. Minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Promotions

DraftKings is consistently running promotions beyond just guaranteed prize-pool contests, with other prizes. The site puts on “world championships” of the major fantasy sports, with a satellite system that allows players to earn their way to Las Vegas, with airfare and lodging covered. Past NFL World Championships in past years have awarded $15 million with $5 million as the top prize. Large events such as the FBWC are a highlight for DraftKings fantasy baseball players.

DraftKings also has unveiled a new VIP scheme called the Players Rewards program. DraftKings Rewards is a VIP program with many components including DailyRewards, Achievements and Daily Missions.

DraftKings Rewards Summary

Crowns: DraftKings Crowns are earned at a rate of 1 for every $1 in entry fees. Crowns can be exchanged for merchandise and contest ticks.

Daily Rewards: Earn 100 Crowns in a month and get access to daily rewards.

Achievements: Earn additional perks (such as Crowns) when earning season-based Achievements per sport.

Missions: Earn rewards by completing daily missions.

DraftKings Customer Support

The DraftKings customer support department is available to answer questions via live chat or email.

DraftKings players can expect a response from customer support within a few hours in many cases, with some responses taking a day or so.

DraftKings Customer Service Contacts
Contact FormAvailable on DraftKings Site
Mailing address222 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
Support Hours:Monday - Sunday 6:00 AM - 11:59 PM ET
Mailing address (UK)15 Ingestre Place
Box #: Suite 265
Phone SupportNot available
Live ChatAvailable through website

DraftKings 20% up to $500 With First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. Minimum $5 deposit required.

DraftKings Referral Program

DraftKings has a refer a friend program so you can earn when you get your friends to play. Details change frequently, so check the site to know what you can receive for spreading the word about DraftKings.

DraftKings $3 Entry Free With First Deposit (Min $5): Visit DraftKings Eligibility restrictions apply. See website for details. Minimum $5 deposit required.


Over the last couple of years, DraftKings has surpassed FanDuel in terms of prize pools, player traffic and other metrics. Recent investments at DraftKings have led to an aggressive push for higher prize pools, more frequent commercials and above-average promotions. DraftKings offers a huge selection of sports and contests types, the largest guaranteed tournaments and one of the best user-interfaces around. This all adds up to making DraftKings one of the best DFS sites, pound-for-pound.

Note: DailyFantasySports.codes is an affiliate of DraftKings, meaning we receive affiliate commissions when readers sign up using one of our links. The above information is still our best attempt to display accurate information about the site.

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