What is FantasyCash on Fantasy Draft?


Whether you are clearing a bonus or cash in a freeroll, chances are you will encounter “FantasyCash” when you play on FantasyDraft, which is currently the 4th largest daily fantasy sports site offering DFS contests.

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What is FantasyCash?

FantasyCash is a “site currency,” which can be used by FantasyDraft players to enter real money contests. You can only use FantasyCash to enter any real money contests, meaning FantasyCash can not be withdrawn on FantasyDraft.

However, once you have entered a contest, any winnings will obviously be paid in regular cash that you can then use to withdraw from FantasyDraft anytime you wish.

Earning FantasyCash

There are two primary ways that players can accumulate FantasyDraft FantasyCash — when earning a bonus or through FantasyDraft freerolls.

Clearing bonuses: When a player first deposits at FantasyDraft, they will be given a bonus to clear up to $600. As a player plays in real money contests, the money will be converted from their pending bonus balance to FantasyCash. Bonuses are the easiest way to accumulate FantasyCash quickly — just deposit when you are eligible for a bonus and start playing.

Check out our article on the FantasyDraft bonus for more information.

Entering Freeroll: Although not as easy as depositing for bonus, FantasyCash can also be earned through one of the FantasyDraft freerolls. Free to enter, but paying cash prizes, freerolls are a popular way to build bankrolls without risking any of your own money.

Find freerolls by filtering entry fees from the lobby. This freeroll is paying a $1,000 prize pool, with $1 each paid to the top 1,000 entrants. Note that even though a contest may be free to enter there may not be any prize paid. Those are just practice contests to get a feel for how FantasyDraft’s contests work.


Checking FantasyCash Balance

To find your bonus or FantasyCash balance, you must go into your account. Once you have signed in, you can do this by clicking on your name and then “Account” in the drop-down menu. On this page you will see your pending balances:


Using FantasyCash

When you have accumulated enough FantasyCash to buy-in to a contest, you will be ready to use your FantasyCash.

To use FantasyCash at FantasyDraft, simply buy-in to a contest. When you draft your lineup and click “Play” or “Reserve Your Entry,” you are committing to the contest. There will be confirmation when you join a contest that FantasyCash is being used. But if you have enough FantasyCash to cover the cost of the contest, it will automatically be deducted from your FantasyCash balance.

To confirm that FantasyCash has been used, you can go back to your Account and see that your Fantasy Cash balance has been reduced and it should also now show up under “Transactions.”

Make sure to utilize your FantasyCash, as this extra perk can really add up when you are playing at FantasyDraft.