Using the DraftKings iOS Mobile App


DraftKings is the most popular daily fantasy sports in the land and they have a excellent mobile app to show for it. The iOS version of DraftKings is rated five stars by the Apple App store with over 1600 reviews, making it the most highly rated mobile apps available. It’s also 100% free to DraftKings users.

The DraftKings iOS mobile app is available on Apple iPhone, iPad. If you have an iPhone or iPad and you play on DraftKings, there is no reason not to download this app — you’ll never know when you might need it.

So how to do you get started and why is the DraftKings iOS mobile app so highly rated?

Getting Started with the DraftKings iOS Mobile App

If you don’t have a DraftKings account, you will first need to create one which you can do below. Having an account before you download the mobile app is slightly easier, but can easily be done either way.

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To get started using the DraftKings iOS Mobile App, you will of course need to first download the app, just like you would any other app.


Download from this screen and go to your home screen and then launch the DraftKings app from your homescreen.


When you have launched the program, you can either sign-up for a new account or log in if you already have an account.


After logging in, you will be directed to your account page, where you will be able to perform a variety of functions.


We will assume that you already have an account and want to check out the lobby to enter a lineup. Click “Lobby.” On this page, you will be given a list of daily fantasy sports that you can join.


Click again to see the slates for the daily fantasy sport you have selected. NFL contests have a diverse selection of slates available.


Choose the contest type (featured, head to head, 50/50s and so on) and then sort or filter the contests to display the contests you are looking for. “Long selecting” a contest will bring up a few shortcut options to reserve your seat, view the number of entrants, view the payout structure or rules.


When you have selected a contest, it’s now time to fill your lineup. You can either reserve your entry, import a previous lineup or create a new lineup, which you can start by selecting the position you want to draft.


Select the player to fill the roster spot by clicking the orange cross. For more information on the player, you can select their phot.|


When you’re lineup is done, submit your entry and you’re ready to go.


Other Functions of the DraftKings Mobile iOS App

The biggest reason the DraftKings mobile iOS app is so popular is that you can do virtually everything on a mobile device that you can on your computer. Some might even prefer the interface. There is certainly also no denying the convenience of managing your lineups wherever you are.

Lobby – As we mentioned above, you can find a variety of DraftKings daily fantasy sports, slates and contest types from the lobby.

Live – Once your contests start, you’ll be able to monitor stats and your position in contests. View by contests or by lineups.

Home – Your account page, where you can do virtually everything. Join contests by clicking “play now,” add friends, view upcoming contests or even make a deposit or a withdrawal. In addition, you can create a contest, create a lineup, do a global player swap or play a local game.

Upcoming – Shows you the contests you have entered that have not started. View these games by contest or lineups.

Recent – The recent tab will show you results of contests you have recently entered.